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BRIGHTSTAR Support Services Program consists of a dedicated team of Certified Oracle Professionals in the BRIGHTSTAR corporate headquarters in Pune, India and Nearshore office in Bucharest, Romania.

Advantages and Benefits of BrightStar Support Services

  • Expertise – The vast network of clients and field consultants keep BRIGHTSTAR on the leading edge of Oracle technologies. The BRIGHTSTAR collaborative culture places the collective knowledge of all BRIGHTSTAR professionals at the customer’s disposal. It is simply not possible to replicate this level of experience through internal staffing.
  • Flexibility – Customer support needs vary from month to month. With BRIGHTSTAR, support time can be utilized for a variety of different business needs – as support requirements grow or shrink, BRIGHTSTAR works with customers to structure the optimal contract.
  • Scalability – Support contacts can be matched to your exact requirements — task-based services, on-demand, fixed hours per month, or all-inclusive annual support contracts are available.
  • Accessibility – Support is available 24 x 7 and can be reached by phone, email, or through the web, a BRIGHTSTAR expert is ready to help.
  • Delivery Management – A dedicated Service Delivery Manager is assigned to each account. This single point of contact can be used for budgetary reporting, consultations, escalation management and delivery management. The BRIGHTSTAR Service Delivery Manager is a trusted partner that helps their customer proactively manage their organization’s Oracle footprint.
  • Cost and Risk Reduction – BRIGHTSTAR Support allows customers to control and reduce ongoing Total Cost of ownership, control and reduce support costs, enjoy guaranteed service levels, reduce operational risk of dependency on individuals, and reduce the need for in-house training or knowledge.



BRIGHTSTAR – Full Service Cloud AMS

BS-Cloud AMS

The modern cloud provides an evolutionary approach that progressively generates value from your application investment. Trusting a leading partner like BRIGHTSTAR as a single source for Oracle Cloud reduces cost and complexity, exploits best practices, maximizes service quality and brings technology innovations that improve your business performance. BRIGHTSTAR Full Service Cloud AMS provides everything you need to take advantage of Oracle Cloud in a fixed, per employee subscription model.

Coming Soon ERP: Financials, Revenue Management, Projects, Procurement

Oracle Fusion Advisory, Transformation and Outsourcing Services by BrightStar


Technical and professional support for Oracle products

Fusion Middleware is a set of software products developed by Oracle Corporation. The products include software for business intelligence, content management, integration services and developer tools and for multiple services. And the OFM uses BPEL, SOAP, XML and JMS standards.

Businesses use OFM for various reasons, purposes and objectives like business intelligence report creation. It isn’t difficult to use Oracle services but one needs advance knowledge, experience and software to take advantage of Oracle products. It is where, businesses look at us.

Look at us
If your organization needs OFM then you would certainly be interested in hiring professionals that can handle, manage and maintain your Oracle products and also make optimum use of the products. BrightStar fusion technical team has worked on various OFM products and for different businesses. We can help you prepare reports and also provide complete and comprehensive Fusion Middleware support services.

Our advantage
We provide professional support services that would save you time and money. Your team can focus on its key responsibilities area without worrying about support as it would come from our side. Your team would get the support it needs to take full advantage of the Oracle products. We would help in running the apps, making reports and managing data.

With our Fusion Middleware support services, your organization would be able to pull all the resources available at its disposal. We would make things simple and affordable. We are offering professional service that your organization needs to take advantage of Oracle business apps and tools.

Oracle Services: Advisory, Transformation and Outsourcing Services for Oracle Technologies

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Oracle Apps Implementation and Production Support (


A combination of technical skills and many years of experience in Oracle eBusiness Suite (Oracle Apps) Applications has placed us in a strong position to provide Implementation and Live Production Support through our Oracle Apps services. BrightStar’s Oracle certified consultants understand the distinctions of Oracle Apps’ complex architecture – its multiple tiers, databases, and client components very well.

BrightStar also posses functional expertise in all modules of Oracle Apps for various domains and our developers can customize the Oracle eBusiness suite applications to match your business specific needs. Our range of niche Oracle services include:

[1] Oracle Apps Installation:
Oracle eBusiness suite application is enormous, with many modules and numerous features. Its installation involves tremendous resource planning, license considerations, application features suitable for your business needs, and so on. Wrong decisions or planning will lead to major irrevocable costs. BrightStar’s Oracle eBusiness suite application specialists ensure that your Oracle Apps installation is seamless, well oiled, and designed for your needs.

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[2] Oracle Apps Maintenance:
As Oracle Apps DBA service providers, we are proficient in daily administration activities and quick resolution of complex application issues. This proficiency is the result of our sound experience in Oracle eBusiness Suite applications, resulting in quality maintenance service for your Oracle Apps.

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[3] Oracle Apps Performance Tuning:
As part of the system management, our Oracle Apps DBA service cover performance analysis and provides application performance tuning in all parts of the Oracle Apps architecture – Operating System, Database, Middle Tier Server components (Apache, Forms, Concurrent Managers and so on). As a result, the application response time is optimized and the resources are accessed and allocated efficiently.

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[4] Oracle Apps System Administration:
BrightStar offers L1 support for Oracle eBusiness Suite applications. These support tasks are performed by our DBAs through diagnostic tools, administration, load balancing, access management, and security. As part of our Oracle DBA services, we also provide dedicated Oracle Apps System Administrator which is preferred by many of our clients.

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[5] Oracle Apps Implementation Support:
Oracle Apps Implementations are complex, time consuming and involve high costs. BrightStar provides best of breed Oracle Apps services because our experts understand high levels of complexity, offer further specialization, and posses vast experience in real-time implementation of eBusiness Suite projects.

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