Student internships – the smart way to get ahead!

Bright*Star Internship Opportunities – 2016


Would you rather spend your holidays doing the same old sleeping in and going out with friends (which you can do any day) or get some experience that would fast-track the pathway to your first proper job? It would come across as a tricky question to some, but there is no better way to get started in your career than by participating in an internship.

Bright*Star Internships provide work experience opportunities to university students, recent graduates and people considering career changes. Bright*Star is willing to hire interns with little or no experience, helping students with on-the-job training.

Here are some benefits of combining study and work and doing an internship:

1. Professional skill development: Knowledge gained from books in far different from knowledge gained in a practical working environment. Internships help in your personal and professional development. You will likely improve your time management skills, learn to set goals, keep a positive attitude and work harder.

2. Gain work experience: Internships and reference letters may open doors to better job opportunities and give you an extra edge in the job market. It would also come handy as additional work experience when applying for advanced study programs such as an MBA (Master of Business Administration) and PHD.

3. Helps you choose the right career for you: If you’re not sure of what you are studying is the right career for you, then doing an internship is a great way to find out. Internships are generally short-term, so you can test your career without having to commit to it for a long time.

4. Networking, mentors and references: Internships is a great way to meet new people and create contacts within your industry. It helps receiving recommendation and reference letters from people that will add importance and credibility to your job applications. So make sure you ask for yours at the end of your working tenure.

5. Earn extra pocket money: This would probably sound as the best benefit to some. Extra pocket money when in college or university is always welcome. Internships can be both paid and unpaid. However don’t turn down an opportunity if it is unpaid as the experience and knowledge you will earn from it will certainly be priceless.

Currently Bright*Star is offering internship in following field: (Start Date : 15Mar 2016)

(a) Marketing & Sales               (b) Digital and Social Media            (c) Human Resource
(d) Corporate Training             (e) Brand Building

Do you want to be one of the Bright*Star Interns ? Send your application at and come on-board. Min. internship duration is of 4/6 months.

If you’re an IT or Business student, please send your CV at ( To know more about us, kindly visit our business page at )



Reporting Options at a Glance in Fusion Financials


This article on Fusion Financials Reporting will briefly explain you reporting capabilities in Fusion Financials which are very handy to use. Let us look at brief overview of different types of Reporting available in Fusion Applications and we will try to understand these Reporting Options. These are-

Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence for Financials
Referred to as OTBI, and allows users to build ad hoc queries or reports using views on transactional business objects. With Fusion Financials, users can build their own reports using the OBIEE tool and subject areas delivered with Fusion. With simple drag and drop functionality, one can build a report (or ad hoc query) on any transaction without the need for a developer. There are some pre-built reports delivered in OTBI for Fusion Financials.

BI Publisher
There are cases where a very specific format is required such as printed checks. BI Publisher is the perfect tool for this, but is has many other great uses. There are some pre-built reports delivered via BIP as part of Fusion Financials.

Financial Reports
Financial Reports are used to reports that look solely at GL balances. These reports utilize the Essbase cube to present financial data in a real-time environment without having to run a report. These reports are defined using the Financial Reporting Studio tool which has many features including hierarchy expansion and drilldown.

Smart View
Smart View is an excel add-in that allows users to query GL Balance data real-time within Excel. There’s a previous blog post here that provides more information.

Oracle Business Intelligence Analytics
OBIA as we typically call it provides information from the pre-built data warehouse. The data here is not real-time based as with the other solutions. Of all of these solutions, OBIA is not required and is separately licensed.

Below are the different Features and Benefits of Reporting Options-

Reporting Platform with Embedded Multi-Dimensional Data Model-
Store and organize large quantities of data in a very efficient way that can be accessed and analyzed quickly for intuitive and immediate decision support. Perform multi-dimensional analysis from the same system used for operational accounting
Eliminate the need for a separate, costly data warehouse where data is only as up-to-date as the last-time data was transferred

Real-time Updates to Multi-Dimensional Balances
Always work with the most up-to-the-second data; multidimensional balances are updated when transactions and journals are posted Ensure queries, reports, and analysis are extremely fast as balances are pre-aggregated at every possible summarization level Eliminate the need for dual maintenance of chart of accounts; whenever users create or modify chart of accounts and hierarchies, the changes are automatically updated in the corresponding cubeThis Self-Service Reporting
Get the right information when you need it Securely distribute and access live or pre-published financial reports from a central location Reduce dependence on IT

General Accounting Dashboard
Obtain comprehensive view across functional areas from a central page (i.e., journals requiring attention, intercompany transactions that are incomplete, account balances that have exceeded their thresholds, close status of subledgers and ledgers, etc.) Increase user productivity by reducing multiple searches and the need to navigate to multiple pages
Track the status of self-monitoring processes to help you quickly resolve exceptions, garner approvals and focus on analyzing results

Account Monitor
Continuously be alerted to sudden changes in account balances based on thresholds you define so you can take corrective action sooner Quickly drill down through multiple levels of summarized balances, view different perspectives of the balance, and even drill back to the originating transaction to investigate the root cause

Account Inspector
Intuitively create complex allocation formulas with the graphical allocation wizard that helps users step by step
Significantly improve performance by allocating pre-summarized balances Retain control and an audit trail