Three reports your warehouse managers should have on their ERP dashboard

Being a warehouse manager requires a person to juggle balls, torches, and chainsaws all day long. The only sure thing is that someone will toss a sword at you sometime during the day. But…your warehouse ERP can help. Here are a couple of ideas that will ease the pressure (a little).

1. Orders due to ship today and not yet in the warehouse

If the items on any order are at hand, one can always add a body or two and get them boxed, labeled and shipped. It is the orders that are not on hand that cause stress. A dashboard that identifies those items you still need is helpful. And if the dashboard also shows where they are now or were at last report, you also know who to call for a right-now status. Remind that person the item they are still working on needs to ship today and suggest they contact the salesperson immediately if it won’t get to the warehouse in time to ship today. If the item is a purchased part, have the same conversation with the buyer.

2. PO receipts due, and which ones are urgent

When the UPS driver leaves a large pile of boxes on the dock, they all look the same. Every one is brown cardboard with a packing slip inside an envelope. The one that people on the other side of the building have been impatiently waiting for does not glow in the dark and there is no spotlight shining on it. The majority of those boxes have parts and material that are needed for a job isn’t scheduled for a few days yet. They can sit until the urgent ones are handled. This ERP dashboard would show purchase orders due immediately, or within the next few days that are urgently required for a job or customer shipment. Look at all the boxes in the pile and find those few first and then process them right away. This dashboard depends on up-to-date purchase orders and operations that actually follow the production schedule.

3. Operational efficiency

Measuring warehouse efficiency is difficult. The shop often sees all their work engineered to the minute and knows the engineers have worked hard to make the employees efficient and effective. The warehouse often does not have that support. Ask the engineers to develop standards for unpacking and processing a PO receipt. Learn how long it should take to kit and deliver materials for a production job. Now use your dashboard to measure your employees work against these standards. Gut feel that everyone is working well is not enough. You might find you really have too many people when they all learn to work to standards – who knows?



Oracle FORMS migration TO APEX Services


Oracle APEX applications are usually created for business purposes – for data browsing, editing and analyzing. Developers of APEX applications focus mainly on the essential functionality, pushing the appearance of the application into the background. This is a strategic mistake!

Functionality and appearance of an application should always go hand in hand. Applications that work well but look clumsy are considered poor by the users. In such a case, any changes in forms, processes or validations are of no use – a good theme is the only solution

Oracle Application Express (APEX)

It helps you Build applications using only your web browser.

Application Express enables you to design, develop and deploy beautiful, responsive, database-driven applications using only your web browser. See how you can take advantage of this fully-supported, no-cost feature of the Oracle Database.

Oracle FORMS Migration TO APEX

Oracle Apex is now on version 4 and has matured and developed as a product over the last few years. While Apex can’t do everything that Forms can do, it certainly matches a fair proportion of the Forms functionality.  It also provides a much cheaper method of delivering the interface to the user as you don’t need the expensive Application Server/ Weblogic server license.

While there is an Oracle migration tool, it doesn’t do the whole job and it’s a significantly more complex conversion than upgrading to a newer version of Forms.  This means that it is more expensive and requires more testing, but with the change in licence requirements, it might still be a cheaper option.


  1. A maintained and Oracle supported platform.
  2. A simpler environment in production with less costly Oracle infrastructure licencing.
  3. Protection of your investment in your pl/sql code which is taken straight across into the Apex environment
  4. Easy to maintain and update.


  • Cost Effectiveness of Oracle Apex Technology (which is FREE), and can be installed in your existing Oracle Database or the freely available Oracle XE Database.
  • Application Access using Oracle Apex is suitable for Intranet, Internet and Extra-net deployment through the use of Web Browser ONLY with NO client software, WebUtil and/or Java Plug-In needed for development, deployment or run-time purposes.
  • Simpler Deployment mechanism using ONLY one Application Technology Stack on a 2-tier architecture offered by Oracle Apex makes it easier, cheaper and faster to get your applications implemented to meet your business requirements, and coupled with our Application Foundation Framework; it will be excellent at building custom or bespoke web-based applications.
  • The need to integrate with other web applications and functionalities may not be possible with the existing Oracle Forms & Reports applications.
  • The need to have more control over the information that is displayed & generated through various Report output formats (HTML, PDF, CSV, XML, TXT) is simpler with Oracle Apex.
  • Easier to find Oracle Resources with PL/SQL, HTML, CSS & JavaScript knowledge, and enhanced functionalities in Apex 4.0 & higher versions simplifies Application Development even more.

With Migration Methodology, we migrate your application(s) and customize it to suit your requirements.


BrightStar’s migration team are skilled at using both the Forms migration tools and the Oracle Apex development environment so you achieve a quality result in the minimum time.

The methodology we use is based on a stage, tasks and deliverables model. The migration is split into 4 stages, Planning, Preparation, Conversion and Testing. Each stage is broken down into a number of tasks. At the end of each stage there are predefined deliverables to be produced and signed off. This guarantees that the stage has been fully and correctly completed before work is commenced on the next one.

Test and Try our capabilities

We offer a Trial Evaluation Service (AT 50% Discounted Cost) to you for an evaluation of the Professional Quality & Speed of our Conversion/Migration/Transformation processes as mentioned above. You should provide us with 3 Samples of your existing Source Files that we will transform to the desired newer version to allow you to assess the work that we have performed.

With Total Automation that is provided by our Tools for Conversion/Migration/Transformation Services, we can transform your application(s) a number of times until Full Customer Satisfaction is gained. This is Our Guaranteed Success to you for 100% Confidence with our Automated Tools, Processes & People.


Learn more about the advantages of doing business with BrightStar including our talented workforce, competitive costs, strategic location, world-class infrastructure.

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BLOCKCHAIN The Ultimate Disruption In The FINTECH Industry

bc3.pngInsurechain – Blockchain Technology

Insurechain is a solution that facilitates the automation of premium calculations, the management of appraisals and the settlement of certain types of claims, ensuring end-user transparency.


Over the years, complexity and costs related to the management of insurance processes have undermined the profitability of companies and inhibited the distribution of innovative insurance products.

The world of insurance is governed by countless processes, requiring enormous investments in terms of financial and human resources.

Above all, this complexity hinders the development and dissemination of so-called micro policies, in other words those insurance products with low premiums and limited duration.

All companies are therefore searching for solutions to increase the efficiency of their actuarial, verification and claim settlement processes, so as to ensure the reduction of associated costs and guarantee the best possible end-user experience.

Focus On

The Insurechain technology solution consists of a web application with a software component (smart contract) that is published and executed on the Ethereum blockchain.

The smart insurance contract includes the rules associated with setting the premium and the settlement verification. Both functionalities are coded in the Solidity language. The verification of reimbursement conditions is based on the services of an “oracle”, whose task is to certify the corresponding weather data, ensuring authenticity and lack of tampering. Finally, the smart contract displays the status and progress of the policy on the blockchain, without disclosing any sensitive customer data.



Blockchain as a Solution

  • All that is required is a web portal or a smartphone to underwrite, activate and verify the status of a policy.
  • The insurance contract is generated in the form of a smart contract and published on the blockchain, rendering the policy rules transparent.
  • The smart contract independently verifies the contract conditions by drawing upon multiple verified sources of data.
  • In the event that claims are ascertained, the software contract automatically settles or authorises the corresponding claim payments.




Oracle Application Professional Services


BrightStar’s Professional Application Services consultants become an extension of your team to optimize your enterprise software based on an understanding of your day-to-day business operations.

Leverage our consultants’ expertise in successfully completing thousands of application implementations, upgrades, migrations and integration, designed with operability in mind.

Our professional services team offers business and technical expertise on a project basis. Our program is a short engagement during which our certified experts will perform a business needs analysis and chart a road-map to meet your objectives. Once complete, you will receive a Business Case, Measurable Objectives, Resource Plan and a Project Plan.

Our Application Professional Services

Our Application Professional Services team provides services to support the full life-cycle of your software. Get the business and technical expertise you need for application events. All of our services are delivered with operability in mind.

  • New Implementations
  • Design & Configuration
  • Upgrades, Migrations & Integration
  • EDI Data Mapping, Monitoring & Support
  • Workflow & Performance Optimization
  • Report Writing & Design
  • Customization & Interface Projects
  • Training Workshops

Enterprise Applications Consultants

BrightStar offers professional consulting across the spectrum of leading enterprise applications.

  • Oracle E-Business Suite,
  • Oracle Fusion Application,
  • Oracle Hyperion,
  • Oracle Fusion & Oracle Taleo
  • Oracle ATG Commerce
  • Oracle Endeca
  • Oracle Mobility – Mobile Application Framework
  • Oracle Remote Server Support Services – EBS, Database, WebLogic, SOA

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Bright*Star Internship Opportunities – 2016


Bright*Star is the global center of technology leadership and innovation company, offering integrated Oracle Enterprise Application support services, which create the foundation to help its enterprise customers meet their business needs and, ultimately, achieve success.

At Bright*Star  you can find a variety of job opportunities in a multitude of locations across SE-Asia, Middle East and Europe. We are constantly looking for top professionals and the best experts in the market as well as for talented and motivated IT and Business students and graduates.


The purpose of the Bright*Star Internship is to build talent by continually investing skills development in high potential countries within SE-Asia, ANZ, Middle East, and Europe. Bright*Star helps you rise, explore and drive your own career!


You will join and be part of one of our Marketing, Sales and Presales Teams and closely work for geo’s across SE-Asia, ANZ, EMEA.

In the first weeks you will be introduced to your  colleagues and we’ll make sure you become familiar with the Bright*Star work environment, our procedures and policies.

Throughout your staying at Bright*Star, we will assess your progress to ensure you get support for your professional development according to the needs.

At the end of the internship program, you will be skilled and fully prepared for a full-time position within the Bright*Star environment or somewhere else!


  1. Successfully completed a Business//Technical//Financial//Engineering//Commerce//Arts//Diploma related discipline from a recognized University
  2. A passion for Sales/Consulting/Finance and an interest for technology.
  3. Strong communication skills.
  4. A high level of energy, drive, enthusiasm, & commitment.
  5. Self-belief and achievement-orientation.
  6. A good mix of analysis, problem identification, solving and persuasion skills.
  7. A passion for working in an international environment.


Do you want to be one of the #BrightStar interns?

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Are you looking for Reliable & Flexible Middleware Support Services ?

Our OnDemand Support Service Offerings

Bright*Star Support Services is a key component for customers to maximize the return on their Oracle investment within four main areas:
• Cloud Central Support
• Managed and On-Demand Support
• Data and System Administration Services (DBA)

Our OnDemand Support Services Program consists of a dedicated group of highly experienced and Certified Oracle Professionals in the Bright*Star corporate headquarters in Pune, India office.

We Extend Following Benefits Through our OnDemand Support Services

  • Expertise – The vast network of clients and field consultants keep Bright*Star on the leading edge of Oracle technologies. Our collaborative culture places the collective knowledge of all our professionals at the customer’s disposal. It is simply not possible to replicate this level of experience through internal staffing.
  • Flexibility – Customer support needs vary from month to month. With Bright*Star, support time can be utilized for a variety of different business needs – as support requirements grow or shrink, we works with customers to structure the optimal contract and be their extended team.
  • Scalability – Support contacts can be matched to your exact requirements — task-based services, on-demand, fixed hours per month, or all-inclusive annual support contracts are available.
  • Accessibility – Support is available 24 x 7 and can be reached by phone, email, or through the web, a Bright*Star expert is ready to help.
  • Delivery Management – A dedicated Service Delivery Manager is assigned to each account. This single point of contact can be used for budgetary reporting, consultations, escalation management and delivery management. The Bright*Star Service Delivery Manager is a trusted partner that helps their customer proactively manage their organization’s Oracle footprint.
  • Cost and Risk Reduction – Bright*Star Support allows customers to control and reduce ongoing Total Cost of ownership, control and reduce support costs, enjoy guaranteed service levels, reduce operational risk of dependency on individuals, and reduce the need for in-house training or knowledge.


Bright*Star as your consulting partner, our aim is to ensure that Enterprise Applications do what they should do, with the minimum amount of risk or business disruption.

We have extensive experience in working with our clients to get the best value from Enterprise Applications and to meet the challenges and overcome the obstacles that can reduce that value.

Our offerings include Enterprise Application-enabled business transformation programs, the design and implementation of Oracle solutions and ensuring the use of best tools and services to provide a reliable level of quality and a predictable level of cost.

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Pricing Structure for Oracle IT Staffing


Bright*Star provides Oracle staff augmentation solutions for highly qualified full-time equivalent (FTE) as well as part-time resources for a wide range of services. Our IT Staffing or staff augmentation solutions help you avail certified Oracle expert consultants  for Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle WebCenter, Oracle Application Server Administrators, Oracle DBA’s and Developers, who are available to be a part of your extended virtual team.

Pricing for IT Staffing for Software services varies with the expertise of the team you require. Please note that 160 hours is the minimum working developer hours that we can commit to in a month. The indicative prices are below, but they would differ for individual projects depending on a variety of factors.

  • Developer: $1800
  • Mid-Level Developer: $2500 – $2900
  • Sr. Developer: $3200
  • Expert Developer: $4000

You can opt for Staff Augmentation services to hire experts from Bright*Star who will provide you with specialized and custom services.

Contact Us at { } with your IT staffing or Staff Augmentation requirements for any of these services and our customer engagement team will contact you within 24 hours.

Pricing Disclaimer
Please note that all prices on the site are only indicative. The actual rates may vary depending on the type of the project, complexity of work, skill and experience of the resource required, terms of contract, and other such factors.