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BrightStar’s Oracle E-Business Suite Managed Service Experts

BrightStar provides full support for E-Business Suite covering both Functional and Technical expertise including systems administration, interface management and reporting all delivered as a remote service – or a flexible support model tailored to particular customer need.

We manage E-Business Suite implementations for over 60 enterprise organizations across a very broad range of sectors providing a 24 x 7 x 365 always-on experience for business users around the world. We are responsible for some of the largest European implementations of E-Business Suite and support core business operations including Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Finance, Order Management, Project Planning, Clinical, HR and Payroll in complex highly regulated industries.

Oracle E-Business Suite helps you get the most out of your business by streamlining the management of business data. BrightStar’s Managed Services ensures that you get maximum value out of Oracle E-Business Suite. BrightStar provides a complete hosting and software management service that gives direct access to Oracle product, support, and software management experts who can help solve problems and introduce new product capabilities. With BrightStar Managed Services, you can maximize the value of your IT organization by enabling your staff to focus on high-value activities while BrightStar Oracle experts maintain the Oracle software.

Core Services Designed Specifically for Oracle E-Business Suite

BrightStar’s E-Business Suite Managed Services offers enhanced security and compliance of the E-Business Suite application as well as improved system scalability, performance, and availability. It also provides change management services, including product updates and upgrade processes that are engineered to give you access to the latest product innovations and capabilities.

Choose the Best Services for Your Business

BrightStar’s E-Business Suite Managed Services lets you choose which services you need to get the most out of your Oracle software. For a predictable per-user, per-month fee, BrightStar’s E-Business Suite Managed Services can be tailored specifically for your business. BrightStar’s E-Business Suite Managed Services range from assessments to planning to continuous improvement of any or all of the core service areas. BrightStar can provide and manage the hardware in a BrightStar data center or in your own or a third-party data center.

E-Business Suite Managed Service Features

  • Functional and Technical support from system administration to interface management and reporting
  • Development and customization of forms, reports, procedures and workflows
  • Full end-to-end business process functional support
  • Database object management, patching, DR maintenance, cloning and backups
  • Single point of contact Service Desk
  • ITIL Incident, Problem and Change Management processes
  • Monitoring Service
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Patching and Security Management
  • Customizable Service Level Agreements up to 24x7x365 meet your business needs
  • Commitment to Continual Service Improvement

Why Choose BrightStar as your E-Business Suite Managed Service Partner?

  • Oracle Certified and Experienced Teams in Europe and Asia – BrightStar has well certified and experienced Oracle E-Business Suite capabilities in Europe, Asia and America composed off certified Functional, Technical and DBA consultants bringing a breadth and depth of expertise unrivalled in the marketplace.
  • Continual Service Improvement – Focus on eliminating causes rather than symptoms delivering maximum benefit for business users, improving operational efficiency and redefining the focus of support to the enablement of new services and competitive advantage.
  • Active E-Business Suite User Group and Community – Run by E-Business Suite users for E-Business Suite users fostering the sharing of new ideas and initiatives in the E-Business Suite space.
  • Integrated Advice – BrightStar’s strong team brings expert capability across the entire technology stack including. We understand the inter-dependencies of your E-Business Suite environment with the varying layers of your IT estate – infrastructure, Cloud, database, applications and business intelligence and can provide end to end technical expertise across the entire technology stack.

Value added services to meet your emerging business challenges

  • Business Transformation (planning and change management of upgrades and new developments)
  • Implementation and enhancement services, solutions and consulting
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Technical Architecture
  • Solution Architecture
  • Systems Integration
  • Software License Optimization

With locations throughout North America, South America, Europe, and India, BrightStar delivers Enterprise Business solutions and information systems, and support to clients worldwide. To learn more about this service, please visit , email or call +1-415-985-STAR (USA) | +91-9823-005326 (IND) to speak to a representative.





Three reports your warehouse managers should have on their ERP dashboard

Being a warehouse manager requires a person to juggle balls, torches, and chainsaws all day long. The only sure thing is that someone will toss a sword at you sometime during the day. But…your warehouse ERP can help. Here are a couple of ideas that will ease the pressure (a little).

1. Orders due to ship today and not yet in the warehouse

If the items on any order are at hand, one can always add a body or two and get them boxed, labeled and shipped. It is the orders that are not on hand that cause stress. A dashboard that identifies those items you still need is helpful. And if the dashboard also shows where they are now or were at last report, you also know who to call for a right-now status. Remind that person the item they are still working on needs to ship today and suggest they contact the salesperson immediately if it won’t get to the warehouse in time to ship today. If the item is a purchased part, have the same conversation with the buyer.

2. PO receipts due, and which ones are urgent

When the UPS driver leaves a large pile of boxes on the dock, they all look the same. Every one is brown cardboard with a packing slip inside an envelope. The one that people on the other side of the building have been impatiently waiting for does not glow in the dark and there is no spotlight shining on it. The majority of those boxes have parts and material that are needed for a job isn’t scheduled for a few days yet. They can sit until the urgent ones are handled. This ERP dashboard would show purchase orders due immediately, or within the next few days that are urgently required for a job or customer shipment. Look at all the boxes in the pile and find those few first and then process them right away. This dashboard depends on up-to-date purchase orders and operations that actually follow the production schedule.

3. Operational efficiency

Measuring warehouse efficiency is difficult. The shop often sees all their work engineered to the minute and knows the engineers have worked hard to make the employees efficient and effective. The warehouse often does not have that support. Ask the engineers to develop standards for unpacking and processing a PO receipt. Learn how long it should take to kit and deliver materials for a production job. Now use your dashboard to measure your employees work against these standards. Gut feel that everyone is working well is not enough. You might find you really have too many people when they all learn to work to standards – who knows?


Oracle bids to take hybrid cloud to the next level


The new offering is intended to address the most persistent problems that vex customers that are trying to build seamless hybrid clouds: lack of consistency between hosted and on-premise environments. Wikibon says the lack of functional equivalency between public and private clouds is a danger for enterprises that want to build truly hybrid environments because users frustrated by limited private cloud functionality will default to public cloud options and create a “shadow IT” problem.

With Cloud Machine, users will be able to run applications, middleware and databases on either or both platforms with workload portability supported by identical management toolsets and application program interfaces (APIs), Oracle said. The service will support both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads, as well as all major operating systems.

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Tailoring mobile business solutions for success

m1Mobile technology changes rapidly. It’s a challenge for any company to keep up to date. But some techniques can be applied to ensure successful mobile innovation for a business.

The largest challenge for any company is beginning. There are debates, meetings and decisions that seem to be endless. This has to stop. The most efficient method of getting started using mobile in the enterprise is to realize that it has already begun. The number of people, specifically Millennials, using mobile to speed up their day-to-day work activities is growing exponentially.

The great people in a mobile team can make all the difference to how mobile business solutions are accepted within a company. The following is a model that has been used successfully for many midsize and large firms:

  • Core team: The focus for the core team is to be both evangelists and project managers for mobility. Their goal is to make sure the business is getting value from mobility.
  • DevOps team: Mobile solutions execute at a different pace to previous technologies. The continuous release cycle of a mobile team requires an effective DevOps team who can keep the apps always fresh

The goal of making mobile enterprise solutions successful in any organization is to let it grow at its pace. It is worthwhile to check and adjust every three months. It is amazing how much can change in a three-month period for mobile.

From compliance to security to app development, mobility adds a new layer of challenge for admins to deal with. Find out how to handle five of the most common issues

(a) Creating effective mobile app strategy
(b) Simplifying mobile app development
(c) Keeping mobile data safe
(d) Protection against device loss and malware
(e) Ensuring compliance

BrightStar specializes and has vast knowledge in building successful Enterprise Mobility solutions for corporates. For details, please feel free to contact our team at – or visit to know more.





The New Standard for Oracle Finance

Oracle Fusion Financials revolutionizes productivity and information access with native, real-time intelligence. Oracle Fusion Financials is a complete financial management solution. It includes a broad suite of capabilities including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, and cash management. It also includes expense and collections management that all sit on top of a 100% open, standards-based platform to help customers increase business agility and standardize business processes.

  • Deliver real-time, accurate information to users at all levels
  • Increase productivity with role-based dashboards that bring work, information, and relevant tasks directly to finance users’ desktops
  • Ensure all users work from the same source of information with a single data source
  • Make better decisions when entering transactions with embedded transactional intelligence
  • Increase shared services efficiency with a scalable, global platform
  • Enforce regulatory compliance and corporate policies across business processes with automated workflows and approvals
  • Manage enterprise risk and reduce compliance costs with end-to-end processes for governance, risk, and compliance
  • Plan and forecast with better precision and close your books faster with delivered integration with the market-leading planning and consolidation solutions
  • Adopt Fusion Financials with your choice of deployment options, such as on premise, private cloud, public cloud, or a hybrid approach

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Empower Modern Procurement using Oracle Cloud Application.

proc1.pngUse Procurement Cloud to streamline your source-to-pay process through automation and social collaboration, while controlling costs and achieving higher margins.



  • Collaborate -Improve requirements gathering, document sharing, and negotiation effectiveness with sourcing teams and Oracle Social Network
  • Streamline -Simplify your negotiation activities with intuitive tools and a modern user experience
  • Analyze -Gain insight into spend opportunities and maximize negotiated savings


  • Standardize – Enforce business policies using pre-approved clause libraries, contract templates, and guided contract creation
  • Improve Visibility -Leverage a secure and searchable contract repository, automate renewals, and capture amendments and addendums with a complete contract audit history
  • Ensure Compliance – Identify deviations from standards, highlight contract risks, enforce document approvals, and capture electronic signatures

Procure To Pay

  • Streamline Processes – Automate requisition through invoice matching and payment, and shift your organizational focus towards more strategic activities
  • Simplify Shopping – Help your employees to quickly find the goods and services they need with a familiar consumer buying experience
  • Enforce Negotiated Pricing – Ensure your negotiated pricing and terms are automatically leveraged to realize maximum savings

Supplier Management

  • Manage Qualifications – Qualify and assess suppliers to support supplier programs, compliance, and negotiation award decisions
  • Improve Information Accuracy – Capture timely updates to supplier information and proactively respond when changes might affect supplier qualifications, capabilities, or risk
  • Enable Supplier Collaboration – Give suppliers the insight they need, allow them to share documents and commentary, and let them transact electronically with minimal training

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