Oracle – The Best Choice for Modern ERP Cloud Solution


C L O U D   D E L I V E R S 2 . 1   T I M E S    M O R E    R O I

Oracle delivers a single ERP cloud that is enterprise-grade and ready to grow your business today. It’s built upon a robust union of platform, applications and approach utilizing financial, procurement, project portfolio, and enterprise performance management.

Our platform and applications characteristics are:

Modern Standards-Based Platform

  1. Oracle leverages this fundamental, up-front design principle to deliver:
  2. Security and Scalability
  3. Integration and Connectivity
  4. Personalization
  5. Business Development Tools

Modern Best Practice-Based Applications

  1. ERP cloud applications combine modern technology, best practices and connectivity with knowledge from decades of on-premises ERP.
  2. 21st Century Global Accounting
  3. Embedded Analytics and Reporting
  4. Native Social Collaboration
  5. User Experience

Modern Innovative Approach

  1. There is economic benefit when you modernize ERP in the cloud. Oracle and its partners offer tools to determine the financial advantages of a cloud ERP project and services to ensure a successful implementation.
  2. ROI Calculator
  3. Guide, Plan and Stage (GPS) process with Oracle Consulting
  4. Cloud Marketplace

In fact, Oracle ERP Cloud affords customers substantial savings in an operating expense rather than capital expense model.

How to Get Started with your ERP Modernization

BrightStar Oracle team are ready to get you started on your journey to ERP 2.0—the modern ERP cloud that is rapidly becoming the foundation for business growth and success.

Any organization can leverage the benefits of Oracle’s ERP Cloud:

  • Current Oracle ERP on-premises customer—Explore Oracle’s Customer 2 Cloud program which helps you migrate to or add more capabilities in the cloud and can often recycle your existing ERP seat licenses into cloud subscriptions.
  • Companies using on-premises ERP from another vendor—Learn about migrating from or enhancing capabilities with any other system, and how Oracle’s breadth of cloud offerings move your business forward.
  • Companies with no ERP—Regardless of size, you have the opportunity with Oracle and its partners to deploy a clean-sheet cloud ERP strategy aligned to your business goals using modern best practices.

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BrightStar: Oracle APEX Development Services

apx.jpgCustom Application Development using Oracle APEX

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a fully supported “no-cost” option of the Oracle Database for developing Web applications. Using only a web browser, you can develop and deploy professional Web-based applications for desktops and mobile devices utilizing your skills in SQL and PL/SQL. It is a fully supported, no cost option of the Oracle Database, and is installed by default in all editions of the Oracle Database.

In addition to building modern, responsive, and accessible web applications, Oracle APEX enables you to easily build mobile applications.

Express Lane Development
“Use Oracle Application Express to quickly build roadworthy mobile applications.”

APEX mobile application pages use the open source jQuery Mobile framework, using it, you can quickly create jQuery Mobile-based web pages in applications for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Features of APEX

  • Forms – APEX can be used to build robust data entry forms that feature client-side (Javascript) and server-side (PL/SQL) validation. Forms are generated using a wizard which also generates the corresponding SQL for the intended DML operation (query/insert/update/delete)
  • Reports – The tool features dynamic reports that allows end users to customize standard reports. Interactive reports allow the end user to select desired columns, filter, sort, group, highlight, aggregate, compute and many other operations without involving the IT department
  • Charting – The tool has the ability to create stunning charts, dials, graphs, Gantt charts using “Flash” technology
  • Access Migration Tool – APEX has a built-in tool for migrating Microsoft Access applications to APEX. On average the tool can automatically migrate about 80 percent of an Access application
  • Calendars – The tool has built-in calendars for reporting purposes with month/week/day views. There are also date picker calendars that are fully customizable
  • Logic Processing – APEX contains many built-in computations, validations and processing that accelerate the development process. Developers can also create their own custom computations, validations and processing
  • Session State Management – APEX automatically manages session state without maintaining a persistent database session for the duration of the user session
  • Websheets – Websheets allow the end users to publish content and to manage who has access to the content. Using websheets, end users can create their own ad hoc reports and publish them for others to view
  • Authentication & Authorization – APEX has several built-in authentication and authorization schemes that can be used to build a secure application. Developers can also create custom authentication and authorization schemes. Authorizations can easily be based on “Roles” created in the database or a LDAP server
  • Conditional Processing – In APEX, everything (pages, items, buttons, etc) has conditional logic that determines visibility to the end user. Conditional processing can be combined with an authentication scheme to manage access in an APEX application
  • REST Web Services – REST Web Services uses a much simpler architecture than SOAP style web services and it is easy to build forms and reports based on a web service. Web Services extends the functionality of APEX applications
  • Logging & Monitoring – APEX has its own built-in logging and monitoring services. Both developer and end user activities are automatically logged and are viewable by querying the internal APEX tables
  • Quality Assurance – APEX is a self-documenting, declarative development tool that stores all definitions and development efforts in the database in the form of metadata. The metadata is mostly used to dynamically generate HTML pages, but they can also be used as a source of documentation and as a quality assurance tool. The APEX Advisor uses the metadata to generate quality checks reports to ensure quality in the application

Our Oracle Experts are on-call to resolve your challenge.

Whether you are looking for a simple application that can be developed in a few weeks or a business application that requires a detailed design and architecture, our consultants have the necessary experience to build robust and economical solutions without ever compromising quality. Let BrightStar be your guide to successfully building systems using this sophisticated technology.

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BrightStar Solutions:


BrightStar ECommerce Development Services


Accelerate time to market
most suitable FOR YOUR business



To provide omni-channel commerce implementation and meet the specific needs of different industries, BrightStar’s eComm group is dedicated to eCommerce, has built customized Accelerators on SAP hybris and ORACLE ATG+Endeca.

Build Advanced & Attractive Online Stores That Promotes Business

The world is transforming into an online multi-million dollar market, and B2B & B2C based websites are becoming inevitable to bring in greater traffic. BrightStar is a dedicated Ecommerce Development Company, offering world-class online eCommerce solutions built on SAP/ORACLE eCommerce platforms for various industry verticals.


Our team of experienced eCommerce developers can design, develop and deliver complete end-to-end e-commerce websites using modern tools and techniques to endorse your brand efficiently and generates higher online sales. By the virtue of our experts, you can avail benefit from the blend of robust promotion engine, excellent content management system, extensive order management system and flexible multi-channel integration capabilities. Whether you are a startup/ mid-size/ big-enterprise trying to build an online store or an existing business site looking for significant improvements, we are your right partner.

Our Ecommerce Development Services Include

  • Ecommerce Website Design
  • Ecommerce Website Development
  • Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions
  • Free text search
  • Custom Ecommerce Development
  • Ecommerce Portal Development
  • Ecommerce Multi-Store Development
  • Third Party Applications Integration
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • Hybris/ATG Commerce/Magento Development

+consulting   +implement   +development   +staffing services across Europe |America| Asia


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Three reports your warehouse managers should have on their ERP dashboard

Being a warehouse manager requires a person to juggle balls, torches, and chainsaws all day long. The only sure thing is that someone will toss a sword at you sometime during the day. But…your warehouse ERP can help. Here are a couple of ideas that will ease the pressure (a little).

1. Orders due to ship today and not yet in the warehouse

If the items on any order are at hand, one can always add a body or two and get them boxed, labeled and shipped. It is the orders that are not on hand that cause stress. A dashboard that identifies those items you still need is helpful. And if the dashboard also shows where they are now or were at last report, you also know who to call for a right-now status. Remind that person the item they are still working on needs to ship today and suggest they contact the salesperson immediately if it won’t get to the warehouse in time to ship today. If the item is a purchased part, have the same conversation with the buyer.

2. PO receipts due, and which ones are urgent

When the UPS driver leaves a large pile of boxes on the dock, they all look the same. Every one is brown cardboard with a packing slip inside an envelope. The one that people on the other side of the building have been impatiently waiting for does not glow in the dark and there is no spotlight shining on it. The majority of those boxes have parts and material that are needed for a job isn’t scheduled for a few days yet. They can sit until the urgent ones are handled. This ERP dashboard would show purchase orders due immediately, or within the next few days that are urgently required for a job or customer shipment. Look at all the boxes in the pile and find those few first and then process them right away. This dashboard depends on up-to-date purchase orders and operations that actually follow the production schedule.

3. Operational efficiency

Measuring warehouse efficiency is difficult. The shop often sees all their work engineered to the minute and knows the engineers have worked hard to make the employees efficient and effective. The warehouse often does not have that support. Ask the engineers to develop standards for unpacking and processing a PO receipt. Learn how long it should take to kit and deliver materials for a production job. Now use your dashboard to measure your employees work against these standards. Gut feel that everyone is working well is not enough. You might find you really have too many people when they all learn to work to standards – who knows?


Cloud Transformation & Migration Services by BrightStar.


BrightStar’s Transformation and migration services are designed to transform your applications into SaaS in a way that meets your business and technical needs, whether that means private or public cloud, multi- or single-tenant environments.

Leveraging proprietary, patented tools and best practices to automate and accelerate the cloud migration of existing applications, BrightStar will ensure your migrated applications include key cloud services; for example, integrating billing systems, resource accounting, usage monitoring, metering, application security, data privacy, and user self-service.

BrightStar also ensures that continuous quality control practices are built-in to the application migration process, such as performing cloud-scale application stress and penetration testing.

BrightStar can help with the migration of your company’s applications and data to the cloud. As a first step in the migration process, our team of experts will perform a cloud Readiness Assessment.

Cloud Readiness Assessments are designed to help you understand the business opportunities and technical feasibility of building or migrating applications and software products to the cloud.

Whether you are an ISV, commercial or private sector organization, BrightStar’s Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA) will help you establish a vision, goals, and critical success factors to match your organization’s needs.

We’ll make your cloud accessible, scalable, agile, efficient, reliable, secure and flexible with our innovative services.

About BrightStar:

BrightStar understand that the world of business changes constantly and that the resulting complexities demand intelligent and adaptive solutions. We combine industry, operational and technology skills with relevant proprietary and other assets in order to tailor solutions for each client’s individual challenges.

Partnering with the best technology companies, we generate value for our clients by creating solutions that leverage emerging trends such as Mobile, Cloud, Social, Internet of Things and Analytic’s, allowing them to be more successful.

To avail our Cloud Centric Services, kindly contact us at or talk to our Cloud Expert at +1-415-985-STAR (USA)


Migration and Modernization Services by BrightStar


Oracle Reports Migration/Modernization!
BrightStar specializes in migrating/upgrading reports from Reports 2.5/3.0/6i/9i, Reportwriter 1.1, and SQL*Report (RPT) to the latest versions (Reports 10g and 11g). High productivity migration tools ensure a rapid and very cost effective upgrade is possible. If you have legacy reporting tools, please contact us so we can provide you with a quotation for their upgrade.

We can take your application, quickly migrate it to the newer versions of the Oracle tools, and return it ready for testing. It will be complete with all the necessary documentation and tools for your staff to continue to maintain the new application.

Upgrading Reports 2.5/3.0/6i/9i/x
These are generally easy to upgrade, though there are some specialist issues regarding PDF and other formats. The key to a good conversion is to integrate the reports output into the web based environment, a benefit of the Facelift service is the automation of this process.

Migrating Reportwriter 1.1
This version is occasionally seen with Forms 3.0 or earlier. We have converted these to Reports 10g/11g using our migration process.

Upgrading Oracle RPTs (Sql*report)
This is a conversion from the oldest version of Oracle’s reporting tools. BrightStar offers two possible upgrades for this to pl/sql with HTML output or migration to Reports 10g/11g.
This is an automated process tool that is used as part of our SQL*Report Conversion Service. It allows SQL*Report’s RPT to be converted with 100% accuracy into PL/SQL Stored Procedures. The output files generated from the conversion can then be compiled within the desired Oracle Database version for subsequent deployment as PL/SQL Reports.

Report output generated is an exact identical match to the original and can be in Text, HTML or PDF format. HTML Reports can be further customized to make full use of HTML Tags, CSS, etc. The converted reports can be called from any front-end application such as Oracle Forms applications, which will display the generated output of these reports within the same application or in a separate web browser window, when deployed as part of a Client/Server or Web-based application. Instead of manual conversion that can take up to 1 day per RPT program, the use of this Parser allows thousands of programs to be converted in just a few hours to expedite the entire process of subsequently transforming these “legacy” applications into the latest, modernized and user-friendly Client/Server or Web-based applications.

The conversion takes place with NO change to existing functionality and business logic of the original RPT programs. The entire migration process strictly adheres to Oracle’s Best Practices and in conformance to our well-proven methodology for upgrading SQL*Report applications. The migrated PL/SQL code can be maintained by the client for future enhancements and modifications.

Upgrading Pro*C and other 3GLs
We have excellent experience of upgrading Pro*C code to work with Oracle 10g/11g. We have performed this process for several clients and the resulting migrations have been quick and cost-effective. The testing involved post-migration is the most time-consuming aspect of the migration, and we have generally performed testing utilising a partnership approach, sharing the effort between ourselves and the client. This has produced excellent results as well as a significant reduction in the costs of the upgrade.

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Advance Oracle Training – On Demand

With Oracle Applications Training, you’ll gain proficiency using a variety of solutions that automate manual and time consuming business processes. From Business Intelligence, to Procurement, to Financials and more, our expert Oracle Applications instructors helps you understand the netiquettes to become the very best.

Oracle Database Training will help you develop a thorough understanding of Oracle Database, as well as its related products. BrightStar helps you enhance your knowledge of Database 11g, MySQL, Data Guard, and more.

Java and Middleware
Oracle Java and Middleware Training takes you on a technical deep dive into Java EE, Spark, Web Services, and more. BrightStar assists you to expand your skill set through a series of practical learning formats.

Oracle Cloud Applications
Oracle Cloud Applications are the next generation public cloud. It offers integrated, best-in-class services at every level of the technology stack; enroll in hands-on Oracle Cloud Training to develop key expertise in Cloud Financials, Cloud Supply Chain, Cloud Procurement, Cloud HCM and more.

Contact us at to know more.

BrightStar Solutions is an innovative IT professional services firm focused on enabling enterprise agility and operational excellence through the adoption of emerging technologies such as Oracle Cloud Applications, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), eCommerce(ATG), and Mobile Computing.