Oracle Financials Cloud

solnAccounting Done Your Way

Grow Confidently with Twenty-First Century Accounting

Oracle Financials Cloud delivers accelerated productivity to the finance team, provides business managers with streamlined processes, and gives users on-demand access to role-based information.

Confident Global Expansion

This financials cloud solution helps you grow into new markets and regions, knowing that your financial data is accurate and secure.

  • Expand into new markets with support for multiple ledgers, currencies, entities, and accounting standards
  • Deploy multiple accounting methods (US GAAP, IFRS) with primary and secondary ledgers
  • Eliminate intercompany, tax, and payment complexity with process automation
  • Reduce erroneous or inconsistent data and maintain flexibility with shared reference data
  • Comply with local regulations and reporting requirements with country-specific localizations

General Ledger and Reporting

With Oracle Financials Cloud, you can control and enforce accounting policies while meeting organizational reporting requirements.

  • Report information your way and ensure strong governance with configurable accounting
  • Control your recording and reporting with
    30 configurable segments for each chart of accounts
  • Simplify processing of unbalanced journals with multiple balancing segments
  • Report confidently with self-service and mobile access to real-time information
  • Consolidate global subsidiaries using reporting currencies and general ledger balance transfer

Intuitive, Interactive Insight

Find essential financial information and gain insight at a glance. Drill down to analyze in greater detail.

  • Watch for financial exceptions using interactive infolets
  • Analyze general ledger balances by various dimensions with embedded Oracle Essbase and Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office
  • Receive exception alerts when account balances exceed predetermined thresholds
  • Make data-driven decisions using real-time information

Best Practices

Simplify financial operations and accelerate transaction processing with solutions optimized for the way you do business.

  • Improve the speed and accuracy of the period close with intuitive dashboards and Close Monitor
  • Simplify receivables and payables to general ledger reconciliations by automatically identifying exceptions
  • Automate cash receipts application and manage exceptions with SmartReceipts
  • Manage liquidity and cash requirements with cash management positioning and forecasting
  • Control expenditures with Budgetary Control and Encumbrance Accounting

Modern Digital Processes

Reimagine business processes with digital technologies using native mobile, social, and optical technologies.

  • Eliminate payables errors with invoice imaging, optical character recognition (OCR), and intelligent document recognition
  • Eliminate manual expense entry and approve expenses anywhere with mobile solutions
  • Quickly enter expenses on the go using mobile capabilities
  • Foster accountability and productivity with transactions and reports collaboration
  • Access financial data anytime, anywhere with a tablet-optimized reporting center


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BrightStar: Oracle APEX Development Services

apx.jpgCustom Application Development using Oracle APEX

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a fully supported “no-cost” option of the Oracle Database for developing Web applications. Using only a web browser, you can develop and deploy professional Web-based applications for desktops and mobile devices utilizing your skills in SQL and PL/SQL. It is a fully supported, no cost option of the Oracle Database, and is installed by default in all editions of the Oracle Database.

In addition to building modern, responsive, and accessible web applications, Oracle APEX enables you to easily build mobile applications.

Express Lane Development
“Use Oracle Application Express to quickly build roadworthy mobile applications.”

APEX mobile application pages use the open source jQuery Mobile framework, using it, you can quickly create jQuery Mobile-based web pages in applications for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Features of APEX

  • Forms – APEX can be used to build robust data entry forms that feature client-side (Javascript) and server-side (PL/SQL) validation. Forms are generated using a wizard which also generates the corresponding SQL for the intended DML operation (query/insert/update/delete)
  • Reports – The tool features dynamic reports that allows end users to customize standard reports. Interactive reports allow the end user to select desired columns, filter, sort, group, highlight, aggregate, compute and many other operations without involving the IT department
  • Charting – The tool has the ability to create stunning charts, dials, graphs, Gantt charts using “Flash” technology
  • Access Migration Tool – APEX has a built-in tool for migrating Microsoft Access applications to APEX. On average the tool can automatically migrate about 80 percent of an Access application
  • Calendars – The tool has built-in calendars for reporting purposes with month/week/day views. There are also date picker calendars that are fully customizable
  • Logic Processing – APEX contains many built-in computations, validations and processing that accelerate the development process. Developers can also create their own custom computations, validations and processing
  • Session State Management – APEX automatically manages session state without maintaining a persistent database session for the duration of the user session
  • Websheets – Websheets allow the end users to publish content and to manage who has access to the content. Using websheets, end users can create their own ad hoc reports and publish them for others to view
  • Authentication & Authorization – APEX has several built-in authentication and authorization schemes that can be used to build a secure application. Developers can also create custom authentication and authorization schemes. Authorizations can easily be based on “Roles” created in the database or a LDAP server
  • Conditional Processing – In APEX, everything (pages, items, buttons, etc) has conditional logic that determines visibility to the end user. Conditional processing can be combined with an authentication scheme to manage access in an APEX application
  • REST Web Services – REST Web Services uses a much simpler architecture than SOAP style web services and it is easy to build forms and reports based on a web service. Web Services extends the functionality of APEX applications
  • Logging & Monitoring – APEX has its own built-in logging and monitoring services. Both developer and end user activities are automatically logged and are viewable by querying the internal APEX tables
  • Quality Assurance – APEX is a self-documenting, declarative development tool that stores all definitions and development efforts in the database in the form of metadata. The metadata is mostly used to dynamically generate HTML pages, but they can also be used as a source of documentation and as a quality assurance tool. The APEX Advisor uses the metadata to generate quality checks reports to ensure quality in the application

Our Oracle Experts are on-call to resolve your challenge.

Whether you are looking for a simple application that can be developed in a few weeks or a business application that requires a detailed design and architecture, our consultants have the necessary experience to build robust and economical solutions without ever compromising quality. Let BrightStar be your guide to successfully building systems using this sophisticated technology.

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Oracle Financials Cloud – Expenses: On-the-Go Expense Tracking

migration2Modern Expense Reporting

Equip your on-the-go workforce with a modern travel and expense management solution. Strengthen expenses policy enforcement and streamline audits.

Simplify Expenses

Increase accuracy and reduce the time spent entering expenses with a mobile, integrated, and end-to-end travel and expense process.

  • Enter expenses via smartphones with voice capture, receipt photos, and credit card integration
  • Quickly create expense reports after trips are booked with GetThere travel integration
  • Efficiently track and identify expenses with a streamlined work area
  • Improve business processes with third-party payment integration

Automate Policy Compliance

Ensure that travel expenses are properly monitored and controlled.

  • Enforce strong controls with configurable policies, including daily limits, role, and location rates
  • Enforce predefined limits, alert users, and prevent submission when over the limit
  • Empower managers with full visibility of policy violations during approvals
  • Streamline audits by automatically selecting non-compliant expense reports for audit

Reinforce Travel Policies

Gain insight into business travel expenses. Refine expense policies, control spend, and prevent expense reimbursement fraud.

  • Promote vendor price negotiations by using corporate card integration reporting
  • Improve governance and process efficiency with spend analytics and policy compliance reporting
  • Preempt policy violations with GetThere travel integration
  • Alert managers to booking violations


EBS to Cloud Migration – FAQ

01. What is Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud?

This refers to running Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure and Platform as a Service offerings, specifically the Oracle Compute Cloud Service, the Oracle Database Cloud Service, and the Exadata Cloud Service.

02. What capabilities are currently provided?

With an Oracle Compute Cloud subscription and with the tools provided in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, you can quickly provision new instances of Oracle E-Business Suite, deploy development tools on the cloud, as well as clone your existing Oracle E-Business Suite instances from on-premises to Oracle Cloud. In addition, your on-premises and cloud instances can be managed simultaneously from the Oracle Application Management Suite.

03. What are the key benefits to using Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud?

Key benefits are support for business growth, greater business agility and lower costs and risks. Businesses must be agile to respond to changes such as acquisitions, globalization, divestitures, and regulatory or process changes, with the ability to adopt new technologies or applications functionality. IT can provision new development and test environments quickly in response to such changes while ensuring continuity of day-to-day operations.

Oracle’s Infrastructure as a Service is elastic and allows IT to scale up or scale out the infrastructure on demand. This elasticity and the flexibility to pay-as-you-go reduces the need for upfront capital expenditure, and decreases wait times for hardware and other resources, lessening overall project risk.

04. Is Oracle releasing Oracle E-Business Suite as a SaaS (Software as a Service) application?

No. Oracle has no plans to offer Oracle E-Business Suite as a SaaS solution.

05. Does Oracle provide managed services for Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud?

Yes. Oracle’s Managed Cloud Services team (OMCS) provides managed services for customers running Oracle E-Business Suite instances on Oracle Cloud or on-premises.

06. Are there additional fees for using Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Cloud?

Oracle Cloud resources and services are available for subscription by Oracle customers. Customers who already own Oracle E-Business Suite product licenses may use their Oracle Cloud subscription to provision and deploy Oracle E-Business Suite instances on the Oracle Cloud. The deployed instances may be used for development, testing, training, etc. Once a customer acquires a subscription to Oracle Cloud, no additional Oracle E-Business Suite license or usage license is required.

07. Do I need to purchase Oracle E-Business Suite product licenses in order to use E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud?

Oracle customers who already own Oracle E-Business Suite licenses may use the Oracle Cloud to host instances of their applications. Oracle’s Compute Cloud uses a “Bring your Own License” model, so customers who wish to use the Oracle Compute Cloud must already own a valid license to the software deployed on virtual machines in Oracle Compute Cloud.

08. How do I deploy Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud?

Once you have an Oracle Compute Cloud subscription, you can access the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and deploy ready-made machine images for provisioning, cloning, and development using the processes described in our online tutorials.

09. How do I restrict access to my Oracle E-Business Suite instances on Oracle Cloud?

By default, your instance is accessible only over a secure shell using an SSH key pair that you create for authentication. Extra steps are required to configure a web URL. You can retain this URL for private use or take further steps to enable access over public internet.

10. Can I customize and extend Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud?

Yes, the same Oracle tools you use within your on-premises data center are available on the cloud in order for you to customize or extend your Oracle E-Business Suite systems.

11. How do I migrate customizations of Oracle E-Business Suite on the cloud to my on-premises production system?

Oracle Application Management Suite provides the capability to migrate changes across your Oracle E-Business Suite instances.

12. Can we use our own custom data with Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud?

Yes, you can clone your on-premises instances to the cloud in order to create a complete Oracle E-Business Suite development and testing environment that uses your own existing data.

13. Can we use the same certified third-party products we currently use on-premises with Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud?

Yes, the entire Oracle E-Business Suite architecture is the same whether deployed on-premises or on Oracle Cloud. All third party components that comprise an Oracle E-Business Suite application instance will be deployed on the cloud. Oracle Cloud’s strategy should also allow customers to use Oracle Cloud to host instances of other applications that may be used to integrate with their Oracle E-Business Suite systems. Please refer to published capabilities and guidelines for using Oracle Cloud with your non-Oracle workloads.

14. Can I use the Database Cloud Service with Oracle E-Business Suite?

Yes, and some automation exists to help you migrate your existing 12.1.3 or 12.2 instances to the cloud, with the database hosted on the Oracle Database Cloud Service and the application tier hosted on the Oracle Compute Cloud Service. Oracle E-Business Suite Development is working on automation for additional scenarios.

15. Can I use the Exadata Cloud Service with Oracle E-Business Suite?

Yes, you can, and Oracle E-Business Suite Development is working on additional automation for scenarios with the database hosted on the Exadata Cloud Service and the application tier hosted on the Oracle Compute Cloud Service. To meet any immediate requirements, you may wish to engage Oracle Cloud Managed Services or an Oracle partner.

16. What tools are used for managing Oracle E-Business Suite environments on Oracle Cloud?

The Oracle Application Management Suite allows you to monitor and manage Oracle Cloud and on-premises instances with a unified interface.

17. Does Oracle support deploying production instances of Oracle E-Business Suite on the Oracle Compute Cloud Service?

Yes. We have Oracle E-Business Suite customers running their production instances on Oracle’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) today.


The Best Oracle Flexi Staffing Services


BrightStar understands that the right candidate can make all the difference in the success of your business. Finding the right candidate with the right qualifications and expertise is critical to your organization, that’s where BrightStar has excelled.

We provide support to fulfill your long term business goals or supplement your hiring for project-based or temporary staffing needs.

BrightStar has earned itself a reputation for providing professional talent with the skills and expertise your business needs to thrive.

We have focused our recruitment and staffing services to provide you with exactly what you are seeking – the ability to save both time and money in the hiring process.

The costs of screening, hiring, rehiring and other associated expenses in today’s competitive environment are a major concern to corporations. BrightStar can provide your organization with contractors or permanent employees who fit your needs perfectly.

Our comprehensive screening process means you get superior people who have the experience you need.

We focus on the unique needs of your company and your industry to become your partner in the sourcing and hiring process.


Recruiting, Screening and Engaging the Most Qualified Candidates

A consultative approach in finding you the right talent. Our proven staffing and hiring process encompasses five core phases:

1. Customer Analysis
We profile your company to understand your business needs and determine the services that will make your staffing process more efficient and effective.

Our professional recruiters quickly identify the most qualified candidates using their industry knowledge and the extensive networks of our company.

At People Tech, we get information on each candidate beyond just their resume. We find out the skills and qualities that will achieve the perfect fit for your position.

Before getting the employee onboard, Employment Screening is done which includes all forms, screening and certifications verification, and background and criminal checks.

5.Performance Monitoring
Our staffing process doesn’t stop once a candidate has been placed. Instead we will monitor a candidate’s performance on a continual basis to ensure we are providing you with the highest level of service in the industry.

Flexible Placement Options

Deciding on the best fit for your company should also include the length of term for which you are seeking a candidate’s expertise.

We offer three placement options:

a. Contract Placement
Looking for staff to supplement your workforce? Save time and money by letting us recruit, screen, and place the professionals you need for a contract placement position.

b. Contract-to-Hire Placement
Need time before you hire? We can place candidates initially on a contractual basis. Then, once the contract ends, you have the opportunity to decide if they would be a good fit for permanent placement on your team.

c. Direct Placement
Need full-time, permanent employees? We also recruit professionals to work directly for you from the start.

BrightStar is a Strategic ERP Services Provider with Global Capabilities
We are a global enterprise application services provider with core competencies in Oracle solutions. Our comprehensive service offering spans the entire technology stack and includes Consulting, Development, Testing, Education, Oracle UPK and Cloud and Managed Services.

Oracle On Demand Consulting Services
Gain access to Oracle Expertise – Anywhere, Anytime

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Implementing new cloud ERP is a big deal

bsAt BrightStar Solutions we promise to support you end-to-end. Through the Oracle Cloud Application solution, first we understand your objectives, then as an extension of your team, we’ll help you achieve them.

Implementing new cloud ERP is a big deal

Eradicating disparate systems and moving to a single cloud offering does carry a lot of benefits.

You can make faster business decisions, based on accurate, real-time data. Having one version of the truth will improve your understanding of your customers. And your suppliers. That means you can run more targeted marketing campaigns, and offer better support, improving relationships. Your teams will be less bogged down in manual processes, and they’ll benefit from remote access. They’ll become more efficient as a result.

servicesYou need a partner that’s going to be with you all the way…

With BrightStar, every ERP project starts with an initial discovery meeting. Using our sector experience, our experts work in partnership with you to review your objectives and your current processes, actively challenging these to really help shape your requirements.

This is an important stage that will ensure you get the most from your cloud ERP solution.

We support you at each stage of the project, through dedicated teams….

Our team of dedicated Certified Project Managers, who are highly skilled and experienced. And it’s their job to make sure that your budget and timescale aspirations are met.

When it comes to deployment, our dedicated team of consultants have over 20+ years’ experience implementing both on-premise and cloud ERP.

But what really sets us apart is our dedicated team of over 50+ support consultants. They have over 350 years in combined experience supporting ERP solutions. They consistently meet their SLA’s and we’re very proud to say that through them, we have achieved the highest level of customer satisfaction.

So what’s next?….

If you’d like to know more, please visit our business page at or mail us at,  we’ll come back to you at a time and date that’s convenient for you.