Oracle – The Best Choice for Modern ERP Cloud Solution


C L O U D   D E L I V E R S 2 . 1   T I M E S    M O R E    R O I

Oracle delivers a single ERP cloud that is enterprise-grade and ready to grow your business today. It’s built upon a robust union of platform, applications and approach utilizing financial, procurement, project portfolio, and enterprise performance management.

Our platform and applications characteristics are:

Modern Standards-Based Platform

  1. Oracle leverages this fundamental, up-front design principle to deliver:
  2. Security and Scalability
  3. Integration and Connectivity
  4. Personalization
  5. Business Development Tools

Modern Best Practice-Based Applications

  1. ERP cloud applications combine modern technology, best practices and connectivity with knowledge from decades of on-premises ERP.
  2. 21st Century Global Accounting
  3. Embedded Analytics and Reporting
  4. Native Social Collaboration
  5. User Experience

Modern Innovative Approach

  1. There is economic benefit when you modernize ERP in the cloud. Oracle and its partners offer tools to determine the financial advantages of a cloud ERP project and services to ensure a successful implementation.
  2. ROI Calculator
  3. Guide, Plan and Stage (GPS) process with Oracle Consulting
  4. Cloud Marketplace

In fact, Oracle ERP Cloud affords customers substantial savings in an operating expense rather than capital expense model.

How to Get Started with your ERP Modernization

BrightStar Oracle team are ready to get you started on your journey to ERP 2.0—the modern ERP cloud that is rapidly becoming the foundation for business growth and success.

Any organization can leverage the benefits of Oracle’s ERP Cloud:

  • Current Oracle ERP on-premises customer—Explore Oracle’s Customer 2 Cloud program which helps you migrate to or add more capabilities in the cloud and can often recycle your existing ERP seat licenses into cloud subscriptions.
  • Companies using on-premises ERP from another vendor—Learn about migrating from or enhancing capabilities with any other system, and how Oracle’s breadth of cloud offerings move your business forward.
  • Companies with no ERP—Regardless of size, you have the opportunity with Oracle and its partners to deploy a clean-sheet cloud ERP strategy aligned to your business goals using modern best practices.

Start your journey to Oracle ERP Cloud. Contact BrightStar team at or call us at





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