Implementing new cloud ERP is a big deal

bsAt BrightStar Solutions we promise to support you end-to-end. Through the Oracle Cloud Application solution, first we understand your objectives, then as an extension of your team, we’ll help you achieve them.

Implementing new cloud ERP is a big deal

Eradicating disparate systems and moving to a single cloud offering does carry a lot of benefits.

You can make faster business decisions, based on accurate, real-time data. Having one version of the truth will improve your understanding of your customers. And your suppliers. That means you can run more targeted marketing campaigns, and offer better support, improving relationships. Your teams will be less bogged down in manual processes, and they’ll benefit from remote access. They’ll become more efficient as a result.

servicesYou need a partner that’s going to be with you all the way…

With BrightStar, every ERP project starts with an initial discovery meeting. Using our sector experience, our experts work in partnership with you to review your objectives and your current processes, actively challenging these to really help shape your requirements.

This is an important stage that will ensure you get the most from your cloud ERP solution.

We support you at each stage of the project, through dedicated teams….

Our team of dedicated Certified Project Managers, who are highly skilled and experienced. And it’s their job to make sure that your budget and timescale aspirations are met.

When it comes to deployment, our dedicated team of consultants have over 20+ years’ experience implementing both on-premise and cloud ERP.

But what really sets us apart is our dedicated team of over 50+ support consultants. They have over 350 years in combined experience supporting ERP solutions. They consistently meet their SLA’s and we’re very proud to say that through them, we have achieved the highest level of customer satisfaction.

So what’s next?….

If you’d like to know more, please visit our business page at or mail us at,  we’ll come back to you at a time and date that’s convenient for you.




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