Tailoring mobile business solutions for success

m1Mobile technology changes rapidly. It’s a challenge for any company to keep up to date. But some techniques can be applied to ensure successful mobile innovation for a business.

The largest challenge for any company is beginning. There are debates, meetings and decisions that seem to be endless. This has to stop. The most efficient method of getting started using mobile in the enterprise is to realize that it has already begun. The number of people, specifically Millennials, using mobile to speed up their day-to-day work activities is growing exponentially.

The great people in a mobile team can make all the difference to how mobile business solutions are accepted within a company. The following is a model that has been used successfully for many midsize and large firms:

  • Core team: The focus for the core team is to be both evangelists and project managers for mobility. Their goal is to make sure the business is getting value from mobility.
  • DevOps team: Mobile solutions execute at a different pace to previous technologies. The continuous release cycle of a mobile team requires an effective DevOps team who can keep the apps always fresh

The goal of making mobile enterprise solutions successful in any organization is to let it grow at its pace. It is worthwhile to check and adjust every three months. It is amazing how much can change in a three-month period for mobile.

From compliance to security to app development, mobility adds a new layer of challenge for admins to deal with. Find out how to handle five of the most common issues

(a) Creating effective mobile app strategy
(b) Simplifying mobile app development
(c) Keeping mobile data safe
(d) Protection against device loss and malware
(e) Ensuring compliance

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