ORACLE Staff Augmentation

Organizations need to augment their existing ORACLE expertise for specific purposes. BrightStar provides…
• capacity and specific ORACLE subject matter expertise for new projects
• specific expertise to handle complex or unusual ORACLE issues (“Level 3” support)
• specific expertise to conduct knowledge transfer or training of in-house staff
• expertise as “bridge support” until:
o In-house staff has developed sufficient expertise
o In-house staff has been hired and trained
• country-specific or local expertise to assist with global or regional ORACLE rollouts

BrightStar has an extensive network of ORACLE professionals to augment your ORACLE  staff, including:
• Application / module experts
• Industry experts
• Change Management experts
• Country / localization experts

BrightStar is committed to getting you the right resource. All of the senior management of BrightStar are long-time ORACLE Certified Consultants; collectively we have built a large, network of ORACLE talent.

Most of the ORACLE professionals we employ work with us; we know their capabilities, skill-sets, and personalities. Because of our ORACLE  background and experience, we can screen and assess a candidate’s capabilities as well as cross-check our own references to find the best match for the specific resource need in your organization.

Having this extensive network of ORACLE  professionals allows BrightStar to propose resources at differing levels of skill, price points, and geographic locations. We can also propose ORACLE  candidates on a “contract-for-hire” basis, which allows you to see the ORACLE resource in action before making a hiring decision.

Feel free to contact us at for your on-demand staff augmentation needs.



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