BrightStar – Cloud SaaS Development Services


Software as a Service (SaaS) – is an application successfully delivered differently to your customer today?

BrightStar is a trusted partner in the full development lifecycle for web applications (SaaS) and has completed a variety of customized cloud ready SaaS application development projects for its customers.

Our SaaS Development Process (SDP) improves customer access and satisfaction, increases agility by reducing deployment cycles from months to weeks. Additionally, our global sourcing model and industrialized delivery methods reduce overall costs by as much as 33%.

BrightStar builds into each SaaS model the flexibility that an adaptable business must provide its customers through improved agility and reduction in the end-to-end time required to deploy a SaaS application.

BrightStar helps organization implement cloud architectures taking into consideration, global deployments with Agile continuous deployments across hybrid cloud environments.

Lack of available in-house cloud expertise, multiple competing priorities, can push back your project timetable. The longer it takes you to get to market, the more it can cost your organization – in time, resources, and opportunities. BrightStar technical teams can augment cloud, mobility and big data engineers – to help you quickly scale up or down as required.

About BrightStar:

BrightStar understand that the world of business changes constantly and that the resulting complexities demand intelligent and adaptive solutions. We combine industry, operational and technology skills with relevant proprietary and other assets in order to tailor solutions for each client’s individual challenges.

Partnering with the best technology companies, we generate value for our clients by creating solutions that leverage emerging trends such as Mobile, Cloud, Social, Internet of Things and Analytic’s, allowing them to be more successful.

To avail our Cloud Centric Services, kindly contact us at or talk to our Cloud Expert at +1-415-985-STAR (USA) or visit our business page at to know more…


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