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appli-support.pngTechnology is in a state of continuous flux. While some businesses are adapting fast enough to brace this rapid evolution of technology, most businesses are reactive and unable to leverage technological advancement. That often becomes the key difference between surviving and thriving.

Pre-packaged applications help in rapid automation of some of the common organizational functions. However, every organization is unique and has certain special (core and support) processes that require either customization or application development.

Leading organizations are rapidly embracing technology as a competitive enabler through robust application strategy that is more aligned with their business strategy. Outsourcing the applications development and support can help businesses to improve their focus on strategic initiatives and core operations while the right partner takes care of their process automation through custom applications.

Business Value 

  • Improved Business IT Alignment
  • Enhanced focus on Strategic Initiatives
  • Shorter Time to Market
  • Increased Productivity
  • Process and Cost Optimization

Effective, efficient applications that delight the end user.

Application Development
Every business is unique in itself. So packaged application solutions, however comprehensive, may not always be able to support every aspect of business processes. That is when businesses need partners to help them with end-to-end custom application development. Such a need for application development may arise in a variety of business cases ranging from Legacy Transformation to Greenfield Application Development, from Third-Party Integration to Enhancements and Upgrades, from launching new platforms like mobiles to disruptive frameworks like cloud.

The application development may take place as custom, web based or mobile application with the help of robust methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall or Iterative, using development platforms such as Java, Microsoft, Oracle or others.

BrightStar leverages its rich experience in building robust business applications using the industry leading standards to transfer the benefit of efficiencies and effectiveness to the clients.

Business Value
(+) Leveraging from BrightStar ’s domain knowledge
(+) Improved focus on results
(+) Greater flexibility for growth
(+) Dedicated problem solving


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