Oracle Reports Migration/Modernization Services by BrightStar!

ms2.pngOracle REPORT upgrade, migration, modernization, analysis and development made easy!

BrightStar specializes in migrating/upgrading reports from Reports 2.5/3.0/6i/9i, Report writer 1.1, and SQL*Report (RPT) to the latest versions (Reports 10g and 11g). High productivity migration tools ensure a rapid and very cost effective upgrade is possible. If you have legacy reporting tools, please contact us so we can provide you with a quotation for their upgrade.

We can take your application, quickly migrate it to the newer versions of the Oracle tools, and return it ready for testing. It will be complete with all the necessary documentation and tools for your staff to continue to maintain the new application.

Upgrading Reports 2.5/3.0/6i/9i

These are generally easy to upgrade, though there are some specialist issues regarding PDF and other formats. The key to a good conversion is to integrate the reports output into the web based environment, a benefit of the Facelift service is the automation of this process.

Migrating Report-writer 1.1

This version is occasionally seen with Forms 3.0 or earlier. We have converted these to Reports 10g/11g using our migration process.

Upgrading Oracle RPTs (Sql*report)

This is a conversion from the oldest version of Oracle’s reporting tools. BrightStar offers two possible upgrades for this to pl/sql with HTML output or migration to Reports 10g/11g.

This is an automated process tool that is used as part of our SQL*Report Conversion Service. It allows SQL*Report’s RPT to be converted with 100% accuracy into PL/SQL Stored Procedures. The output files generated from the conversion can then be compiled within the desired Oracle Database version for subsequent deployment as PL/SQL Reports.

Report output generated is an exact identical match to the original and can be in Text, HTML or PDF format. HTML Reports can be further customized to make full use of HTML Tags, CSS, etc. The converted reports can be called from any front-end application such as Oracle Forms applications, which will display the generated output of these reports within the same application or in a separate web browser window, when deployed as part of a Client/Server or Web-based application. Instead of manual conversion that can take up to 1 day per RPT program, the use of this Parser allows thousands of programs to be converted in just a few hours to expedite the entire process of subsequently transforming these “legacy” applications into the latest, modernized and user-friendly Client/Server or Web-based applications.

The conversion takes place with NO change to existing functionality and business logic of the original RPT programs. The entire migration process strictly adheres to Oracle’s Best Practices and in conformance to our well-proven methodology for upgrading SQL*Report applications. The migrated PL/SQL code can be maintained by the client for future enhancements and modifications.

Upgrading Pro*C and other 3GLs

We have excellent experience of upgrading Pro*C code to work with Oracle 10g/11g. We have performed this process for several clients and the resulting migrations have been quick and cost-effective. The testing involved post-migration is the most time-consuming aspect of the migration, and we have generally performed testing utilising a partnership approach, sharing the effort between ourselves and the client. This has produced excellent results as well as a significant reduction in the costs of the upgrade.

We are a company and a community of passionate, purpose-led individuals. We think disruptively to deliver services and solutions to address our clients’ toughest business development, financials, supply-chain and communication challenges. We are small, but we are evolving every day.

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