Cloud ERP Software: What ERP Market Leaders Are Doing

Cloud ERP Market Share Growing

Still, cloud ERP rates are rising for these vendors. Only 18 percent of SAP’s ERP deployments were in the cloud in 2013, though the number rose to 29 percent by the end of 2015. This places SAP in line with Oracle and Microsoft, who also have cloud ERP usage rates of 29 percent. Twenty-four percent of Infor’s ERP deployments are in the cloud

“Most core (e.g. financial) ERP systems are on premise, while the second tier (such as sales and inventory management) may be either on premise or cloud,” said Kimberling. “Generally, companies will use the smaller second tier solution to address functions that are required to be more flexible to meet diverse customer needs, while the first tier financial ERP system would be used for more standardized back office business processes.”

How are SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and Infor addressing the cloud ERP software market?

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