Forms Migration to Oracle Apex

appli-support.pngForms Migration to Oracle Apex
Oracle Apex is now on version 4 and has matured and developed as a product over the last few years. While Apex can’t do everything that Forms can do, it certainly matches a fair proportion of the Forms functionality.  It also provides a much cheaper method of delivering the interface to the user as you don’t need the expensive Application Server/Weblogic server licence.

While there is an Oracle migration tool, it doesn’t do the whole job and it’s a significantly more complex conversion than upgrading to a newer version of Forms.  This means that it is more expensive and requires more testing, but with the change in licence requirements, it might still be a cheaper option.

+ A maintained and Oracle supported platform.
+ A simpler environment in production with less costly Oracle infrastructure licencing.
+ Protection of your investment in your pl/sql code which is taken straight across into the Apex environment
+ Easy to maintain and update.

+ Cost Effectiveness of Oracle Apex Technology (which is FREE), and can be installed in your existing Oracle Database or the freely available Oracle XE Database.
+ Application Access using Oracle Apex is suitable for Intranet, Internet and Extra-net deployment through the use of Web Browser ONLY with NO client software, WebUtil and/or Java Plug-In needed for development, deployment or run-time purposes.
+ Simpler Deployment mechanism using ONLY one Application Technology Stack on a 2-tier architecture offered by Oracle Apex makes it easier, cheaper and faster to get your applications implemented to meet your business requirements, and coupled with our Application Foundation Framework; it will be excellent at building custom or bespoke web-based applications.
+ The need to integrate with other web applications and functionalities may not be possible with the existing Oracle Forms & Reports applications.
+ The need to have more control over the information that is displayed & generated though various Report output formats (HTML, PDF, CSV, XML, TXT) is simpler with Oracle Apex.
+ Easier to find Oracle Resources with PL/SQL, HTML, CSS & JavaScript knowledge, and enhanced functionalities in Apex 4.0 & higher versions simplifies Application Development even more.

With our own well proven BEST Practices Migration Methodology, we can migrate your application(s) and customize it to suit your requirements.

BrightStar’s migration staff are skilled at using both the Forms migration tools and the Oracle Apex development environment so you achieve a quality result in the minimum time.

The methodology we use is based on a stage, tasks and deliverables model. The migration is split into 4 stages, Planning, Preparation, Conversion and Testing. Each stage is broken down into a number of tasks. At the end of each stage there are predefined deliverables to be produced and signed off. This guarantees that the stage has been fully and correctly completed before work is commenced on the next one

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