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implementation-banner.jpgTechnology is in a state of continuous flux. While some businesses are adapting fast enough to brace this rapid evolution of technology, most businesses are reactive and unable to leverage technological advancement. That often becomes the key difference between surviving and thriving.

Pre-packaged applications help in rapid automation of some of the common organizational functions. However, every organization is unique and has certain special (core and support) processes that require either customization or application development.

Leading organizations are rapidly embracing technology as a competitive enabler through robust application strategy that is more aligned with their business strategy. Outsourcing the applications development and support can help businesses to improve their focus on strategic initiatives and core operations while the right partner takes care of their process automation through custom applications.

Business Value
(+) Improved Business IT Alignment
(+) Enhanced focus on Strategic Initiatives
(+) Shorter Time to Market
(+) Increased Productivity
(+) Process and Cost Optimization

“Effective, efficient applications that delight the end user.

Implementation Services
Standard software have per-packaged solutions that cater to most common business processes. With the evolution of technology, they have improved the possibility of customization in order to address the client specific processes with minimal additional coding.

Having extensively worked on end-to-end implementations with the industry leading Oracle solutions, BrightStar is well placed to help you leverage the benefits of Oracle technology and empower your enterprise with better ROI.

Oracle Fusion Application is a live, flexible and dynamic platform that evolves in parallel with your business. You implement the solution once and reap the benefits over time of centralized, cloud based and cost effective technology upgrades, while you keep focusing on your business. BrightStar provides the following key services around Oracle Enterprise Application:

(+) Strategic Consulting: Comprehensive business and technology consulting in mapping business objectives with Oracle capabilities. It is essential and helpful in taking an informed decision, as we provide a complete roadmap to implementation if the recommendation is favourable.
(+) End to End Implementation: Our functional consultants, domain experts and technical architects collaborate to take you through successful Oracle Fusion and eBusiness implementation, consequently automating your business processes in alignment with your objectives.
(+) Application Support: You already have Oracle Enterprise Application implemented and require an able partner to professionally manage it? We can do that and more by optimizing the solution and proactively improving the support ecosystem.

Business Value
(+) Cost savings from shared Cloud Solutions
(+) Focus on supported business performance without worrying about the infrastructure and upgrade details
(+) Consistent optimization and process improvements


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