Data Breaches Now Cost $4 Million on Average

Data breaches are more than a headache for businesses—they’re costly too.

secu3On average, the cost of a breach has risen to $4 million per incident—up 29% since 2013—according to research sponsored by IBM’s IBM 0.33% security division released on Wednesday. Last year, a similar study found the average cost per breach to be $3.79 million.

“We’re now in a mode where these attacks are going to happen even to people that are well prepared,” Caleb Barlow, a vice president at IBM Security, told Fortune on a call. “It’s about being able to respond when the inevitable happens.”

In addition to rising total cost, the average cost per stolen record—personally identifiable, payment, or health information about an individual contained in a company’s database, for example—is increasing, the study said. On average, the cost per lost record has grown to $158 from $154 last year.

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