Cost Effective And Fast ORACLE Forms Migration/Modernization Services

ms3.jpgWe offer a comprehensive Oracle forms and application migration service for our clients which can help significantly reduce the cost of conversion. We mainly only migrate to a newer version of Oracle Forms as we feel that the alternatives (java, ADF etc.) do not provide an easily maintainable system. Only by keeping with Forms do you retain and leverage your investment in Forms technologies.

We can take your application, quickly migrate it to the newer versions of the Oracle tools, and return it ready for testing. It will be complete with all the necessary documentation and tools for your staff to continue to maintain the new application.


The Forms*Facelift service can take any Forms application from any version of Forms and convert it to look superb in any newer version.

GUI/Web Mode Migration

If you have a GUI application in forms 4.5, 5 or 6i that is lacking that sparkle or luster that makes an application both look good and operate just as it should, Forms*Facelift can add color, texture and operability to your application.


Character Mode Migration

If you are running character mode forms of any version (3.0 though to 6.0), high speed and cost effective migration is achieved using our automated tools. The service provides most GUI facilities automatically, producing an attractive colorful Windows or Web style Forms application. The key aspect to a GUI migration is getting the mouse navigation to work correctly. This can be very difficult to achieve in a manual migration, but the automated tools solve all of the problems. The end result is an attractive GUI or Web application.

Facelift provides a migration service for the other legacy components that comprise your application: Examples of these are SQL*Menu 5.0, Reportwriter 1.1, and reports written in RPT, Reports 2.5, or 3.0. Most applications needing migration also have a reporting element. It is important to bring the whole system up to scratch and thus provide a complete service.

BrightStar’s migration service supports migration to the current 11g web-based enabled Oracle Forms environments or earlier client/server versions. This service uses our automated Forms conversion tool which reduces costs and increases the reliability of the conversion.


  • A fast and complete Forms migration.
  • A professional Windows and/or Web look and feel to the converted system.
  • Conversion of obsolete code to new compatible programming language. Conversion to web-mode forms using an Oracle Application or WebLogic server infrastructure.
  • Convenience and reduced impact on your staff.
  • A quality based migration methodology.
  • A migration completed at about half the cost of an in-house manual conversion.


BrightStar migration staff are skilled at using both the Forms migration tools and the Oracle Developer tools so you achieve a quality result in the minimum time.

We have very reasonable consultancy rates so it is often much more cost effective for BrightStar to perform the complete task, than for a company to use the migration tool themselves.

The methodology we use is based on a stage, tasks and deliverables model. The migration is split into 4 stages, Planning, Preparation, Conversion and Testing. Each stage is broken down into a number of tasks. At the end of each stage there are predefined deliverables to be produced and signed off. This guarantees that the stage has been fully and correctly completed before work is commenced on the next one.

Examples of the types of things we can do

  • Migrate from Forms 3.0/4.5/5.0/6i through to Forms 10g or 11g
  • Change character mode (i.e. keystroke controlled forms) to work with mouse navigation in web mode forms
  • Mass change properties / colors / coding etc. across many forms in one go.
  • Change the size of forms screen to match a change in resolution. ie 640×480 changed to run in 1024×768
  • Add triggers or other code into many forms in one pass.
  • Change forms3 line-draw to Windows style inset lines and boxes.
  • Field labels converted to prompts
  • Co-ordinate system converted from character mode to real mode
  • Multi-row blocks given current row indicator and scroll bars
  • Date fields given calendar pop-ups and LOV fields given automatic LOV pop-up on double click.
  • Database referenced items converted to file references.
  • Older or obsolete built-ins converted to their newer counterparts.
  • Non-enterable fields converted to display-item where possible.
  • New format masks added to date fields.
  • Realignment of fields to give a better Windows/web look and feel.
  • Changing of multi record blocks to make them look more like spreadsheet sections (if required).
  • Conversion of host commands to work in the Application Server environment.
  • Migration of report calls to user the Reports Web Server
  • Migration of Pro*C code and user-exits to work in the Application Server environment.
  • Conversion of WIN_API calls to work with webutil
  • Conversion of filename of libraries and references objects to lower case for implementation on LINUX or UNIX


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