RICE/ACE Development


When your enterprise implement Oracle eBiz, the features that are not addressed by the out-of-the-box application needs to be customized. The requirements may mandate development of Reports, Interfaces, Conversions and Extensions (RICE).

Why RICE/ACE Development?
Even the best of enterprise applications frequently require augmentation to address specific business needs of a company. Challenges include:
+ Developing/customizing the Reports
+ Interfacing external systems to your legacy system
+ Converting data from a legacy system to the new system
+ Enhancing existing system to add additional functionality without disturbing the core software functionality of the system

How Can Bright*Star Solutions Help?
+ Deploying development best practices
+ Leveraging the development standards and tools provided by Oracle
+ Rapid development using accelerators and reusable components

Service Highlights
+ Reports – BI Publisher
+ Interfaces
+ Conversions
+ Enhancements

See more at: http://www.BrightStarsolution.com or contact us at sales@brightstarsolution.com / +1-415-985-STAR (USA)

Support Centers: South America | Europe-Romania | APAC – India


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