Bright*Star’s R12 Upgrade Framework for Oracle E-Business Suite

ods1Bright*Star’s R12 Upgrade Framework for Oracle E-Business Suite for Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Financials and Engineering Companies.

To keep pace with changing business dynamics and to stay on cutting-edge technology, organizations must constantly upgrade their IT applications, to support business objectives effectively. The upgrade journey can be challenging and disruptive to business, if it is not planned and managed effectively.


If the upgrade is not planned and executed carefully, it might result in disruptions of critical business applications and loss of key functionality.

Why you should Upgrade?
Inherent questions before R12 upgrade Oracle E-Business Suite has evolved and expanded significantly in functionality, scalability, usability, and reduced cost of ownership with the recent Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.

Few of the compelling reasons for upgrading your current Oracle E-Business Suite version are:
+ Operational efficiency
+ Process improvements
+ Addressing new requirements
+ Leveraging new features and functionality
and more..

R12 Upgrade Solution from Bright*Star comes with a swift, comprehensive framework, built-in accelerator tools, and quality assessment capabilities. Our Oracle certified solution addresses your upgrade challenges, securing a smooth, controlled process right from the initial assessment to the completion of the project.

Bright*Star Upgrade Offerings

We execute all our engagements using our BrightStar Global Delivery Model.

Bright*Star can help you in three ways for the R12 Upgrade:

  1. Technical Upgrade: Bright*Star can upgrade your existing environment to Oracle R12
  2. Functional Upgrade: Bright*Star can change your functional processes to suite the latest R12 features as per your business demand.
  3. Full Rollout: Bright*Star can help you to upgrade and transform to latest R12 to get the most out of your investment.


Corporations needing an Oracle R12 Upgrade can count on Bright*Star R12 Upgrade Services. With Bright*Star Frameworks & Accelerator we can assure you the cost of upgrade is always lesser than other providers.Contact our Upgrade Team/ Experts at now!



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