Hiring Oracle WebCenter Experts!

Solution Architect/Project Manager, { 2 Positions – US, IN }
+ 10+ years experience with content management
+ Master’s degree/project management certification
+ Expert in Oracle WebCenter Content, systems design and integration, and network optimization
+ Expert in business analysis and designing and running large, multi-faceted projects under pressure
+ Responsible for project management, architecture, design, installation, development, and deployment phases, including training client users, project documentation, and managing other developers and integrators on project teams

Senior Software Consultant { 4 Positions – US, IN }
+ 5-10 years experience with a focus on content management with Oracle WebCenter Content and WCM solutions
+ Bachelor’s degree in computer science
+ Experience with multi-site redesign, large intranet redesign, custom form development, and content management system design and development
+ Familiar with process and workflow design
+ Works with business to define needs and translate into code
+ Thorough understanding of metadata and security model design and maintenance, integrations with external systems
+ Responsible for knowledge transfer and end-user training

Associate Software Consultant { 6 Positions – IN }
+ 1-5 years experience with a focus on Oracle WebCenter Content solutions and system administration
+ Bachelor’s degree in computer science
+ Iterative development practices
+ Experience with developing, testing, debugging, and documenting code
+ Familiarity with multiple computer languages: Java, Ruby on Rails, C++, MySQL, HTML, and CSS

Kindly mail your updated profile to jobs@bslion.in ( Candidates with H1/B1 are welcome to explore onsite opportunities )


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