Bright*Star Student Summer Research Internships 2016

A summer internship is a very good opportunity to get crucial work experience in your summer holidays. Internships are particularly useful because they provide you with a taste of an industry. Are you looking for Summer Internships in Pune?
Let’s Bright*Star help you find the internship that’s a perfect fit for you. For college students looking at starting a great career with some hands-on experience, we have the best internship jobs and summer internships for you in Marketing, Sales, Research, Technology and Digital/Social Media.


Bright*Star is the global center of technology leadership and innovation company, offering integrated Oracle Enterprise Application support services, which create the foundation to help its enterprise customers meet their business needs and, ultimately, achieve success.

At Bright*Star  you can find a variety of job opportunities in a multitude of locations across SE-Asia, Middle East and Europe. We are constantly looking for top professionals and the best experts in the market as well as for talented and motivated IT and Business students and graduates.


The purpose of the Bright*Star Internship is to build talent by continually investing skills development in high potential countries within SE-Asia, ANZ, Middle East, and Europe. Bright*Star helps you rise, explore and drive your own career!


You will join and be part of one of our Marketing, Sales and Presales Teams and closely work for geo’s across SE-Asia, ANZ, EMEA.

In the first weeks you will be introduced to your  colleagues and we’ll make sure you become familiar with the Bright*Star work environment, our procedures and policies.

Throughout your staying at Bright*Star, we will assess your progress to ensure you get support for your professional development according to the needs.

At the end of the internship program, you will be skilled and fully prepared for a full-time position within the Bright*Star environment or somewhere else!


  1. Successfully completed a Business//Technical//Financial//Engineering//Commerce//Arts//Diploma related discipline from a recognized University
  2. A passion for Sales/Consulting/Finance and an interest for technology.
  3. Strong communication skills.
  4. A high level of energy, drive, enthusiasm, & commitment.
  5. Self-belief and achievement-orientation.
  6. A good mix of analysis, problem identification, solving and persuasion skills.
  7. A passion for working in an international environment.


Do you want to be one of the #BrightStar interns?

Send your application to and come on board!


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