Are you looking for Reliable & Flexible Middleware Support Services ?

Our OnDemand Support Service Offerings

Bright*Star Support Services is a key component for customers to maximize the return on their Oracle investment within four main areas:
• Cloud Central Support
• Managed and On-Demand Support
• Data and System Administration Services (DBA)

Our OnDemand Support Services Program consists of a dedicated group of highly experienced and Certified Oracle Professionals in the Bright*Star corporate headquarters in Pune, India office.

We Extend Following Benefits Through our OnDemand Support Services

  • Expertise – The vast network of clients and field consultants keep Bright*Star on the leading edge of Oracle technologies. Our collaborative culture places the collective knowledge of all our professionals at the customer’s disposal. It is simply not possible to replicate this level of experience through internal staffing.
  • Flexibility – Customer support needs vary from month to month. With Bright*Star, support time can be utilized for a variety of different business needs – as support requirements grow or shrink, we works with customers to structure the optimal contract and be their extended team.
  • Scalability – Support contacts can be matched to your exact requirements — task-based services, on-demand, fixed hours per month, or all-inclusive annual support contracts are available.
  • Accessibility – Support is available 24 x 7 and can be reached by phone, email, or through the web, a Bright*Star expert is ready to help.
  • Delivery Management – A dedicated Service Delivery Manager is assigned to each account. This single point of contact can be used for budgetary reporting, consultations, escalation management and delivery management. The Bright*Star Service Delivery Manager is a trusted partner that helps their customer proactively manage their organization’s Oracle footprint.
  • Cost and Risk Reduction – Bright*Star Support allows customers to control and reduce ongoing Total Cost of ownership, control and reduce support costs, enjoy guaranteed service levels, reduce operational risk of dependency on individuals, and reduce the need for in-house training or knowledge.


Bright*Star as your consulting partner, our aim is to ensure that Enterprise Applications do what they should do, with the minimum amount of risk or business disruption.

We have extensive experience in working with our clients to get the best value from Enterprise Applications and to meet the challenges and overcome the obstacles that can reduce that value.

Our offerings include Enterprise Application-enabled business transformation programs, the design and implementation of Oracle solutions and ensuring the use of best tools and services to provide a reliable level of quality and a predictable level of cost.

Contact Us at +91-9823.00.5326 or write to us at or visit our business page at to know more…


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