Key WebCenter Portal Features

In addition to the features previously discussed, these other key features allow you to take full advantage of the power and flexibility of the WebCenter Portal: Framework:

  • Portlet Producer: Provides a means for developers and administrators to service-enable new and existing ASP.NET 2.0 applications through the Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) standard.
  • Pagelet Producer: The Oracle WebCenter Portal’s Pagelet Producer (previously known as Oracle WebCenter Ensemble) provides a collection of useful tools and features that facilitate dynamic pagelet development.
  • Personalization: Provides the ability to further tailor the usage of the portal and information delivered to the portal based on user’s activities.

These features are discussed in more detail as follows….

Oracle WebCenter Portal’s Portlet Producer

Oracle WebCenter Portal’s Portlet Producer provides a means for developers and administrators to service-enable new and existing ASP.NET 2.0 applications through the Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) standard. The Portlet Producer also provides an API toolkit that is integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio template extensions to simplify portlet development for .NET developers. In addition, it unlocks the SharePoint Web Parts to standards based portals by exposing these Web Parts directly as WSRP components. Now enterprises can take advantage of departmental resources directly.

Oracle WebCenter Portal’s Pagelet Producer

Oracle WebCenter Portals’s Pagelet Producer facilitates dynamic pagelet development. The producer includes a mashup engine with a light proxy and a security management system that allows users to add portlets as UI widgets or gadgets to any page on any platform. In addition, the producer allows you to integrate external content into any portal and enables mashups from just about any source. Together with Content Presenter and Data Presenter, the Oracle WebCenter Portal’s Pagelet Producer gives business users a wealth of mashup tools to access and present required information without waiting for IT to provide a solution.  Users can also publish their mashup components to the Resource Catalog or Business Dictionary for enterprise reuse of these key assemblies.

Personalization for WebCenter Portal

Personalization for WebCenter Portal builds on the foundation that Oracle WebLogic Portal has pioneered and combines capabilities from Oracle WebCenter Interaction (formerly ALUI) to deliver a complete dynamic user experience that can provide targeted branding, processes, and content.

In its simplest form, the Personalization for WebCenter Portal can deliver content directly to the users based on existing attributes from many different systems. The published service provider interface enables developers to aggregate any systems to provide a unified user profile to then determine the best set of elements to deliver to the user.

Developers build a “scenario” to determine the basic decision logic required, then business users select the appropriate scenario for their audience and the Conductor runs these scenarios when users step through the site. For example, extranet sites might offer customers or partners special offers based on products they’ve ordered in the past.

By leveraging the WebCenter Portal’s Activity Graph, recommendations can be delivered directly into the site or called through REST and used wherever they are required. The open architecture for gathering user attributes and exposing the results of the service is essential for delivering a modern user experience for the enterprise or the web.

Oracle WebCenter Portal’s Analytics

Oracle WebCenter Portal’s Analytics enables users to create usage reports for any custom application or portal. Use Analytics to determine the most important pages of the deployed application or portal, the most used content items, the most active spaces, and the number of users visiting these different sites and services. Analytics additionally provides recommendations to make the Activity Graph service even more valuable.

Analytics delivers the type of information business users require to determine how they allocate their resources to enhance and improve the most important areas of the site. And the pre-built WebCenter Portal: Spaces Analytics Dashboard provides space moderators with a tailored view of their overall team interactions and effectiveness.

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