What Is Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces?

Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces is a ready-to-use application that delivers multiple sites from a single infrastructure. WebCenter Portal: Spaces lets you collaborate and share information with dynamically created user communities, pulling together the capabilities of WebCenter Portal: Framework and WebCenter Portal: Services to:

  • Empower teams to quickly and efficiently manage their information, applications, projects, and people without requiring IT assistance.
  • Speed delivery of Intranet portal sites and help organizations publish their latest work easily.
  • Bring together the latest technology around social computing, communications, personal productivity, and ad-hoc team interactions.
  • Enable organizations to build Intranet portal sites quickly, and to populate them with information in myriad forms, all without the intervention of either IT or Engineering.

Furthermore, WebCenter Portal: Spaces includes powerful, comprehensive administrative tools that allow administrators, web developers, and authorized users to configure spaces to precise specifications. Just some of these features include tailoring the navigation UI, creating a hierarchical site structure that allows administrators to delegate security based on groups, roles, and user identities, creating and customizing pages, and more.

Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces enables users to work more effectively with project teams and work groups, including teams that span multiple geographies and even include external members. It eliminates or reduces duplication of effort and content inconsistencies, and enables sharing of and collaboration on team content, focusing valuable resources on solving business problems, tapping into new ideas, and reducing time to market. In addition, users can publish and directly edit content in Oracle WebCenter Content.

By providing a dynamic foundation for users to work together in teams, Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces helps your enterprise address many challenges, such as:

  • Geographically dispersed teams.
  • Slow progress on projects and business initiatives due to lack of coordinated information.
  • Information stored on individuals’ desktops and unavailable to others.
  • E-mail overload and proliferation of attachments that can require workflow and verion management.
  • Inaccessible business intelligence information when it is needed most.
  • Direct integration and support of Enterprise application transactions.
  • Client software incompatibility and upgrades (Notes, Outlook, Safari, Internet Explorer, and so on).

WebCenter Portal: Spaces delivers a set of powerful features that enable you to provide a productive environment to deliver team-based sites, along with enterprise and departmental portals. These features include the Home Space, personal pages, system pages, business role pages, and Spaces. To learn more about these features, click through the following topics.

Make the Most of the Home Space

The Home Space can provide each user with a private work area for containing useful information and, more importantly, for sharing it securely with other users when desired. Depending on your application configuration, the Home Space can be a private dashboard that users can customize to include mail, chat, tracked discussions, documents they have created or shared, and Internet content, such as Google gadgets and RSS feeds.

A Home Space represents each user’s personal view, and can include personal pages, business role pages, and spaces.

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