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Oracle WebCenter Portal

In today’s hyper-competitive global economy, the ability to be agile and respond to change is more important than ever before. Information and the interactions around it have become the key assets of most enterprises, and making correct decisions in shrinking cycle times is the defining characteristic of winning companies. The market imperative to access the right information and people at the right time has led to an increased interest in building a next-generation enterprise workplace. Such a workplace leverages Web 2.0 technologies and usage patterns to transition the enterprise to an Internet-powered, user-focused, and community-centric social fabric that ties together people, ideas, content, processes, systems, and enterprise applications.

Bringing Web 2.0 capabilities and services to the enterprise is more than just introducing the latest technology; it’s about changing the traditional business model and tapping into the creativity, intellect, and passion of every single employee. It is much more important for companies to understand the changing trends in business than to just implement the next “hot” technology product. Oracle WebCenter Portal enables companies to foster the development of new ideas, tap into critical employee thinking and knowledge, and enable the synergy of teams to revolutionize their existing business models and achieve lasting success.

The Need

Internet computing technology has experienced at least two revolutions. The first tech wave let companies publish information about their products and services to consumers both external and internal to their enterprises. Web sites were born and proliferated across the globe. Today, technology is advancing through a second revolution, called Web 2.0. With the rise of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), inflexible, monolithic applications are transforming into composite, business-driven solutions that quickly evolve with the rapidly changing requirements of the organization. Web 2.0 technology responds to a need: the need to access multiple applications and to integrate content and other resources with these applications in the context of a business task. It represents the convergence of application development and portal architectures. Dynamic web technologies like wikis, blogs, tagging, linking, discussions, and RSS dramatically improve how people work together to solve complex problems.

Currently, bringing the benefits of individual Web 2.0 technologies into the workplace usually means that users must juggle many applications and tools to get their work done. When there is no connection between these services, users are forced to remember how they all relate. Users need a way to bring it all together into one environment to streamline and simplify the way they work. IT needs an easy way to manage one centralized set of services and make them universally available to all the teams that require them. Today, each department installs their own wiki server or their own blogging engine, and IT is left to manage all the issues around compliance, archiving, aging out information, and integrating search across the different tools. Attempting to harness all the valuable information from these virtual islands to integrate it with enterprise application processes is no small task.

The Solution

Oracle WebCenter Portal provides an open, standards-based, and extensible portal framework that allows users to interact with business applications and services. It supports a single, modern framework for developing popular styles of websites that are critical to the success of the modern organization: internet sites, intranets, extranets, and social networks. WebCenter Portal applications make it easy for users to get the information they need and to work with others to make the necessary changes to business processes.

WebCenter Portal includes WebCenter Portal services like instant messaging, document and content management, discussion forums, wikis, blogs, tagging, activity tracking, personalization, polls, and others. To provide an accessible and streamlined user experience, Oracle WebCenter Portal is integrated and certified with Oracle WebCenter Content, Oracle Identity Management Suite, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and Oracle eBusiness Suite, as well as PeopleSoft, Siebel, and JD Edwards enterprise applications. Together, these tools and services empower end users and IT to build and deploy next-generation collaborative portals that take advantage of the creativity and intellect of every user, and improve the productivity of key internal and external business processes.

Oracle WebCenter Portal Components

Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g includes components that provide a full range of functionality to develop customer facing internet web sites, intranets, extranets, and social networking applications. These components include:

  • Oracle WebCenter Portal: Framework: Speeds development and delivery of portal web applications. This modern portal framework enables embedding of AJAX-based components, portlets, services, and content into context-rich customizable enterprise portals. Framework features include page hierarchies, navigation models, delegated administration, customization, themes and skins, and portal preferences. The Framework is delivered as an extension to Oracle JDeveloper, which provides an integrated development environment for composite J2EE applications, business processes, BI applications, and enterprise portals.
  • Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces: Furnishes all the tools you require to rapidly create web sites, portals, communities, and social networking sites capable of accommodating thousands of users and encompassing diverse populations with differing languages. WebCenter Portal: Spaces empowers teams to quickly and efficiently manage their information, applications, projects, and people. Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces allows users to work more effectively with project teams and work groups, including teams that span multiple geographies or include external members. It enables sharing and collaboration on team content to focus valuable resources on solving business problems, tapping into new ideas, and reducing time to market.
  • WebCenter Portal: Services: Make it easy to integrate new social computing tools with enterprise information and business processes. The list of services includes the most comprehensive catalog of pre-packaged social computing tools available today, including wikis, blogs, RSS, lists, discussions, commenting, sharing, polls, search, and more. Activity Streams channel the actions taking place within the enterprise directly to users, and the Activity Graph feature delivers revolutionary capabilities to recommend valuable relationships based on information access patterns between people, content, and enterprise application activities. Other important services include REST, WSRP, pagelets, and analytics.
  • Composer in WebCenter Portal: Enables runtime customization and personalization of pages that are created with WebCenter Portal: Framework or WebCenter Portal: Spaces, and includes a set of services to create and manage portal pages at runtime. Runtime customizations are managed by Oracle Metadata Services (MDS).

Oracle WebCenter Portal provides a full range of functionality to develop the web applications you need to create and maintain an efficient enterprise. Continue to explore this tour to learn more about the features and components of Oracle WebCenter Portal, and how they are suited to the wide variety of needs of your organization.

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