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Bright*Star’s value added services provide maximum return on your Oracle investment.

Bright*Star provides a wide range of value-added services for organizations that seek assistance with their Oracle Enterprise IT needs — in a way that provides significant return on their investment.

Our service offerings range from Oracle enterprise application architecture consulting services — for companies seeking to develop a long-term technology road-map — to managed service solutions — for companies who desire flexible, ongoing support.

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BrightStar designs and implements innovative Oracle Enterprise Solutions


Business Solutions
BrightStar designs and implements innovative Oracle Enterprise Solutions, and inspires customers to consider their business from a fresh perspective. Leveraging an innovative approach to architecture, mobility, analytics and built-in business process management, BrightStar gives businesses unprecedented choice and flexibility in its Oracle solution offerings—on-premise, as a managed service, or in the cloud.

BrightStar provides Oracle solutions that integrate and run a company’s fundamental and most industry-specific business operations. By delivering a complete range of Oracle business software solutions along with a single point of accountability, our customers can achieve operational excellence and sustained market leadership.

BrightStar provides Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to maximize efficiency’s within the four walls of each manufacturing plant, while providing innovative technology to inspire efficiency across the globally extended enterprise.

The comprehensive BrightStar’s Oracle solution portfolio enables manufacturers to plan, schedule, execute, and monitor the entire business—from raw materials to final product, pick, pack, and ship. With a full range of functionality, BrightStar provides manufacturers with flexibility and agility, and inspires competitive edge.

BrightStar delivers end-to-end Oracle solutions with the right tools to efficiently forecast, assemble, and deliver the goods that customers want, when they want them. With solutions conceived specifically for distributors, BrightStar offers a full range of purchasing and inventory management, sales and order management, and warehousing capabilities.

BrightStar Oracle distribution solutions are complemented by a full suite of enterprise capabilities to drive efficiency and inspire growth.

BrightStar has engineered the foundation to inspire profitability and drive compliance within service organizations. With bid management, project accounting, engagement delivery, resource management, and time and expense, BrightStar offers a complete view of project and resource utilization, and the tools to streamline all aspects of a service enterprise. BrightStar provides a complete Oracle solution for connecting people, processes, and applications for an agile business.

Global Services and Support – APAC, EMEA, US
BrightStar support and development centers in all of our major operating regions—the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific—help ensure that our customers receive only the highest quality product and service. Learn more about BrightStar’s Oracle business software services at or mail us at

Partnering Opportunities
To partner with BrightStar means, entering into a mutually beneficial agreement to bring industry leading solutions to the marketplace and implementing these quickly and cost effectively to address the needs of small, midsized, and large enterprises equally. Feel free to email your interest, would be happy to discuss.


Want a Dedicated DBA On-Site?


We are a full service database services organization and because of this specialization, clients have turned to us to find specialized expertise, additional DBA capacity or other database staff augmentation needs. It is our mission to provide the best database staffing support to our customers with a delivery design that meets their needs as an organization.

BrightStar has acquired an extensive network of DBAs across many competencies and geographies. Through our extensive DBA recruiting process, we are proud to offer this staffing service to our clients and are confident that our technical vetting process will ensure that you receive the best candidate possible.

In addition to our DBA staffing services, we also offer a 24×7 database support team on demand to step in if required. All of our DBAs on-site come equipped with the support of BrightStar’s remote team to provide additional capabilities, such as escalation and troubleshooting and additional technical validation or manpower when it is required.

BrightStar Provides:

  • National coverage
  • Internal dedicated DBA recruiting function
  • The ability to support an on-site DBA when required
  • Per diem rates
  • Fixed monthly rates
  • Short-term availability
  • Contract to hire
  • Satisfaction and Trust
  • Ongoing client care
  • Easy no-cost replacement
  • Backup with our team ready to step in at any time

Contact us to day at and we would be happy to extend our expertise. You many also visit our business page at to know more about us and our other services.



BrightStar – Oracle Database Upgrade Services

db1Seamless Database Upgrade Service for Your Environment

Our administrators perform the latest database upgrades across multiple database environments every day using various methods, testing, configuration and fallback routines. We service any version, any operating system, any complexity – and have completed multi upgrades for our global clients in the past three years.

BrightStar is unique in its capacity to design, document, articulate from continual upgrade scenarios and shared intellect to quickly get your solution in place.

The Most Prevalent End-of-Life Upgrades Include:

  • Oracle: All version to latest 11gR2 release.
  • Oracle EBS: All versions to latest R12 release.
  • MySQL: 4.4 and 5.x upgrades.

To learn more about BrightStar’s Database Upgrade services at or visit our business page at today !!!

We are happy to announce- Exadata Support Services

Oracle Exadata Database Support & Services


At BrightStar we’re on the cutting edge of Oracle technology, and Exadata is no exception. Our database engineers have been working with the Exadata machine since long, and continue to support new customers on the latest version release.

Our Exadata engineering team can help with:

  • Sizing and planning an Exadata implementation
  • Implementing and integrating Exadata into your existing environment
  • Migrating databases to Exadata
  • 7×24 Exadata monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Exadata performance tuning
  • Integrating Grid Control with Exadata
  • Working with Exadata support at Oracle

Remember, BrightSTar is a full-service Oracle support organization. We can place DBAs on-site or off-site depending on what you need, including Exadata DBAs.

To learn more about BrightStar’s Oracle Database Administration services, contact us at or visit our business page at  ( we can guarantee the best and lowest support rates )


Offshore Oracle EBS Support Services


We provide an expert team of Oracle EBS Application administrators to assist customers with all their administration needs. Our expert Oracle E-Business team has experience and have supported a wide range of large and small operations.

Our Oracle E-Business database administrators are experienced with:

  • R12.2.X Version upgrades
  • Vertex install and data updates
  • Oracle R12.2 Online patching setup
  • Oracle database and applications platform migration
  • Oracle database and applications DR setup
  • Oracle Database character set conversion
  • Oracle ASM install/setup
  • Oracle Applications DMZ/Internet setup for external access
  • Oracle quarterly CPU patches analysis and implementation
  • OEM 12c
  • JVM Performance Bottlenecks & Configuration
  • Oracle EBS Database Cloning
  • Routine Health Checks and Assessments
  • EBS Module & Core Oracle SQL Tuning
  • Oracle BI Reporting Issues
  • Workflow Performance
  • Fusion Middleware
  • Weblogic
  • SOA Suite
  • RAC
  • Application Patching
  • Data Archival and Purging
  • Multi Org Support
  • Form Personalization
  • Code Release and Migration
  • Monitor Concurrent Manager
  • Month/Period End Support
  • SOX Compliance Monitoring
  • Custom Monitoring & Reporting Services with Dashboard Development

As a by-product of our database expertise, we have the ability to provide several synergy services such as: application performance tuning services, middle-ware and application support for EBS. Our expertise and continual exposure to multiple environments ensures we provide our clients with the best possible solutions and leadership.

To learn more about BrightStar’s Offshore Oracle Support Services,

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