BrightStar has proven experience and subject matter expertise in delivering effective Oracle solutions


BrightStar’s industry-specific knowledge and broad range of solutions help our customers solve complex problems, address issues and automate business processes in these industries. BrightStar solutions are focused in these industries and our deep subject matter expertise ensures that we deliver proven, effective and repeatable solutions. BrightStar solutions leverage the latest multi-vendor stack of technologies to speed time to market, reduce costs, and deliver a competitive edge.


  • BrightStar delivers excellence across a multi-vendor stack
  • Understand the unique challenges and requirements for specific industry
  • Proven ability to recognize and help solve industry-specific business issues
  • Strong relationships with Oracle Industry Business Units
  • Understand industry-specific solutions
  • Unique knowledge of Oracle Edge Applications (PLM, VCE, VCP, MDM, GRC, OPA)

Contact BrightStar Oracle Xpert Team at …. or visit our business page at


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