How To Find, The Right Advisor for Your Oracle Cloud Migration

The complexity and scale of the migration process makes it critical to find an ally that can offer the right combination of skill and experience

enterprise cloud

Look for a cloud partner who can:

  • Cover the complete technology stack required to manage Oracle systems
  • Deliver on SLAs for both infrastructure availability and the application layer
  • Offer Oracle expertise globally
  • Take on burdensome maintenance tasks
  • Offer a complete portfolio of value-added services
  • Standardize Oracle offerings through a portal and robust service catalog
  • Support any deployment model—private, public or hybrid
  • Offer modular, flexible pricing
  • Deliver deep expertise and a well-developed migration process

BrightStar’s years of experience in managed cloud can help you get the most from cloud—with greater certainty.

How BrightStar is different:

BrightStar’s cloud solution helps reduce the cost and complexity of managing Oracle  systems, increasing flexibility to support business growth. BrightStar provides a highly virtualized private shared-cloud infrastructure, tailored to your business requirements and aligned with business-centric SLAs. Standardization and automation tools for provisioning, cloning and refreshing help improve your Oracle service quality, overall.

Designed from the ground up using the latest technology advances and incorporating best practices, Oracle Fusion Applications are 100% open-standards-based business applications to help companies innovate, work, and adopt technology. By setting the standard for application architecture, design and deployment, customers will be able to extend the value of their applications environment by using Oracle Fusion Applications components side-by-side with their existing applications portfolio
NOTE: The table above lists current applications supported, but additional applications may be available.

Oracle Cloud Applications can:

BrightStar is making significant investments in Oracle Fusion Applications and adapting Fusion Rapid Start process that will help organizations reduce the IT support cost, increases the productivity and the service quality. Oracle Fusion and Rapid Start Implementation process will help businesses maximize and extend the value of Fusion Applications solutions, and accelerate business value by integrating advanced technologies (cloud, mobile etc.) into the solutions.

Benefits to Clients

  • Customers can drive innovation, productivity and faster adoption of emerging technology by implementing Oracle Fusion Applications.
  • The modular approach of Oracle Fusion Applications means customers can choose to adopt the applications at a pace and time that is right for their business.
  • Customers can also consider Software-as-a-Service options especially for certain niche areas like Talent Management OR Compensation Management.

BrightStar’s Oracle Fusion Applications Offerings

  • Experience, continued investment and proven implementation approach in the Enterprise Application space.
  • Advisory services for assessment of the enterprise application landscape, defining road-maps and implementation of the best Oracle Application solution.
  • Migration tools to accelerate and streamline the move to Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Integration’s to facilitate the co-existence of Oracle Fusion Applications with the client’s present technology and application investments.



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