A smooth migration is possible – careful planning and experience ensure success

Plan The Cloud Migration

Multiple factors contribute to a successful migration of your Oracle applications to a cloud environment. Whichever migration path you choose, make sure you address the following critical questions before you begin:

What are our budget restrictions?

Be sure to identify all cost or capex constraints up front, and ensure that your migration plan takes these restrictions into account.

Which data and workloads need to migrate?

To determine which applications should be migrated: first, list all departments that manage data center and infrastructure services, then identify all workloads that are candidates for cloud migration.

Where should our virtual machines reside?

Some companies require their managed virtual servers to reside on the company’s premises rather than at an external site. No matter where your virtual machines are located, be sure you know what level of support you can expect from the managed cloud service provider and how many account administrators, Oracle managers or other in-house employees you may need to provide.

Do we have buy-in from all necessary parties?

Achieving pre-migration participation agreements and buy-in from all levels of the organization, including executive sponsors, is critical to any successful Oracle migration.

BrightStar’s expertise can help you get the most from cloud – reliably

BrightStar Cloud offers a proven process to support the transition and transformation of your Oracle environments to the cloud. From preparation to technical on-boarding and handover, your dedicated BrightStar team of qualified Oracle-certified IT specialists can offer best-practice guidance on the latest Oracle products and technologies, and provide a consistent and reliable advisor – ensuring that your migration stays on track and is completed successfully.

BrightStar’s robust database migration process


Our expert teams apply a proven process to the migration of Oracle applications to the Oracle Cloud Applications environment, validated over hundreds of client engagements.Contact us at info@bslion.in or visit our business page at http://www.bslion.in today.


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