Oracle cloud application offer huge business advantages ( Adapt Oracle Fusion Today )

To help halt Oracle sprawl and reduce the complexity of their operating environments, more and more business leaders are choosing to move their Oracle Application environments to the cloud. Running Oracle applications in a managed cloud environment offers significant business advantages in three major areas:

Key benefits of Oracle on the cloud

(a) Reduced TOC – Oracle on the cloud saves time, boosts savings

Save up to 25 percent in management and operating costs

Research shows that moving Oracle applications to the cloud can significantly reduce TCO, delivering a potential cost savings of 20% – 25% over five years versus a traditional Oracle self-management-and-operation approach.

Reduce capex, reallocate resources

Cloud solutions for Oracle typically operate on a subscription model, where software, hosting, maintenance and support costs are bundled into one consistent—and affordable—monthly payment. By shifting infrastructure requirements to the service provider, you can reduce initial capex required and dramatically reduce opex. Moving to a managed cloud model can also reduce your need to staff Oracle-certified IT personnel, and free up multiple skilled IT resources to focus on strategy and innovation initiatives.

(b) Faster Provisioning – Deploying Oracle on the cloud enables faster business processing

Drastically reduce provisioning time

Cloud-enabled automated provisioning of Oracle environments can significantly reduce the cost and labor associated with Oracle cloning, refreshes and patching.

Documented time savings for provisioning on the cloud versus a standard Oracle environment include:

Facilitate mergers and acquisitions

Using the cloud, enterprises can now configure and deploy Oracle for new corporate infrastructures in days—even for multiple, globally dispersed locations.

(c) Flexibility – Moving to Oracle on the cloud facilitates agility throughout the enterprise

Scale your business up or down, as needed

Oracle on the cloud offers a flexible environment that can easily and afford-ably scale to meet your company’s changing capacity requirements and security needs—enabling your business to develop, deploy and manage applications quickly and easily for a variety of business needs.

Gain better control over fluctuating workload demand

Managed cloud services for Oracle are ideal for companies with standardized, independent workloads that experience fluctuating demands, offering a pay-as-you go model that enables better insight into, and control over, service quality. Examples of application types that can be most effectively optimized through Oracle on the cloud include:


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