Oracle Fusion enables increased productivity, lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) , improved performance.


Oracle Fusion enables increased productivity, lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improved performance. Don’t let a poor Fusion implementation minimize these results — BrightStar can help you exceed predicted outcomes.

The highly complex and intricate nature of Oracle Fusion Apps deployments often makes it prohibitively difficult for small, midsize or even enterprise companies to become experts. At BrightStar, we can help.  BrightStar can improve your ROI and overall service levels as we tailor solutions and expert Fusion Apps support teams based on your unique requirements.

BrightStar’s Fusion Apps Services:

  • Hosting in a private, public or hybrid cloud
  • Managed Services to support the full technical and functional support needs of the application
  • Full Outsourcing Services

Implement with Greater Flexibility, Less Expense

BrightStar has an in-depth understanding of the Oracle Fusion application with a trained team of Fusion Financials, Supply Chain, Human Resource experts able to both implement and manage a solution for your business, saving you both time and money.

BrightStar also offers Fusion solutions in a subscription model with a SaaS option which gives companies an alternative to the expensive and labor intensive process of procuring hardware/software, building and maintaining an IT infrastructure and managing multiple vendors. This means greater flexibility, lower initial costs, and predictable recurring costs.

Implement Oracle Fusion e-Business in the Cloud

At BrightStar, we know the value of the cloud. Long before cloud technologies went mainstream we went looking for ways to shatter the rigidity and lower the expense of large, on-premises software deployments.
By implementing your Oracle Fusion solution in a tailor-made private/public/hybrid cloud, we’re able to ensure high availability and ease-of-access, all while maintaining strict security controls. As a result, employee, vendor and consumer data is safely stored but also ready for use at a moment’s notice — you won’t need to wade through layers of IT to find the data you want.
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