Evolving Trends in HR Technology

An HR department of a company performs multiple functions like recruitment, payroll management, leave and attendance management, promotion, employee training and managing day-to-day affairs of the employees of the company. For a growing company, HR department plays a significant role in retaining talent and work towards employee development. In this article, we shall take a look at some of the evolving trends in HR technology.

Mounting challenges of HR personnel

There has been a lot of dependence on manual work. There are various tools/software in the market to manage different functions of the HR department. The problem with these tools is lack of collaboration. Each application functions independently and has its own set of database causing data errors, data redundancy, re-typing of data and a hoard of other problems. This consumes a lot of time thereby reducing the productivity of the HR department.

The challenges faced by the HR personnel have grown with the growing demands of the industry and empowerment of employee union. Facilitating a high quality atmosphere for the employees has become a pivotal agenda in the HR policy-making.

Following are the evolving trends in HR technology:

  1. New and advanced HRMS system developed
    A single multi-purpose HRMS solution has replaced multiple single-purpose software. A full-fledged HRMS system is capable of performing many functions like accelerating recruitment process by tracking applicants, posting and filling vacancies; address employee development to maintain quality of workforce; monitor KPIs to take strategic decisions; integrate with other applications and seamlessly conduct routine tasks. Advanced HRMS have a flexible and robust platform with content management system like Drupal and open source database like Oracle. It allows faster deployment and has a huge user capacity.
  2. HR in the cloud
    The cloud technology has enabled business owners to synchronize their HR data in real-time and access the system via any internet connected device like smartphone, tablet and laptop. Cloud technology is highly suitable for small businesses who can’t afford to spend too much time on deployment. Ready-to-use modules are available which can be instantly subscribed. Cloud vendor takes care of the security, maintenance, software update and technical support leaving the business with productive tasks only. Cloud technology further reduces the liability on the business owner as cloud vendors are quite easily replaceable. This ensures tough competition among cloud vendors to provide quality service to the clients.
  3. Exciting user interface and mobile-enabled
    The new user interface is highly interactive in nature allowing the HR personnel to generate and interpret reports easily. Users can easily pick and choose the parameters they want to analyze and generate a report. Most of the leading HRMS solutions today are accessible via mobile phones allowing remote and field employees to manage their HR portal on the move. Employee self-service modules allow them to update their personal information, manage and apply for leave and enroll for training’s.
  4. Talent Analytics
    Talent analytics is a major driver for buyers of HRMS solutions. To ensure maximum utilization of the available HR resources and retain only the best talent, one needs to have a talent analysis system in place. Talent analytics takes into account strategic recruiting, employee development, role of social networking, and internal employee communications for overall development of the business.

Looking forward

Gone are the days when human resource department was not given its due recognition. Technology has played a major role in resolving the problems faced by HR personnel and thus, it is evident that the HR environment will witness a steep rise in the adoption of advanced technology. HR technology has changed the way HR personnel used to manage the employees. There is a lot of room for innovation as most of the routine HR tasks are automated

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