BrightStar’s professional services engagement models


BrightStar follows a unique and tailor-made process that is very much evident from the beginning of our work in rendering professional services to our clients, which includes:


BrightStar’s professional services engagement models include:

(#) Bright-Staff on Contract

Contract staff augmentation is one of the best means by which organizations can fill short-term vacancies. In other words, employers can hire people on a contract basis to meet the seasonal requirements they have. This type of engagement allows organizations to ramp up resources on a need basis and reduce the workforce during the low period. Contract staff augmentation helps save costs incurred in hiring permanent resources that are only required for short term requirements.

(#) Bright-Staff Contract-2-Hire

Contract to hire staffing allows organizations to assess the resources’ skills while on contract and then hire based on their performance during this period. BrightStar can provide qualified people that suit your requirements from our vast pool of resources, help with screening the right candidates while on contract and allow you to hire the best directly to your payroll.

(#) Bright-Managed Staff

There may be instances where our customers do not have the bandwidth to manage the day to day activities of the contract personnel. BrightStar can provide a senior member who will oversee and direct the day to day tasks for the team and then report to the customers’ project-in-charge.  This allows the customer to focus on their business rather than managing individuals from the contract team.

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