Oracle BPM Suite 12c Architecture Overview

OBPM Architecure Overview

Oracle Web logic Server :
  • Java EE Application Server
  • Take advantage of clustering capabilities
  • Highly per-formant run time platform.
SOA Suite :
  • BPM Suite sits a top a required SOA Suite installation
  • SOA Suite runs as a Java EE composite application using the Service Component Architecture (SCA) assembly model
  • All SOA Suite facilities are available to a BPM application.
Process Engine :
  • Models are in the BPMN(Business Process Management and Notation) notation
  • BPMN models are executed by the BPMN service engine
  • BPEL models,for SOA Suite,share a common process core for execution.
Rule Engine :
  • Powerful business rules engine in SOA Suite is available in BPM Suite
  • Rules can be used to condition BPMN control flow and manage work in workflow engine
  • IF/THEN and decision table rule formats.
Human Work Flow Engine :
  • BPM Suite extends human workflow capabilities from SOA Suite
  • Supports the frequent human interactions that are characteristic of BPM app
  • Interactions may includes approvals and execution management tasks that advance a process instance through the BPMN model.
BPM Studio:
  • Capabilities added to Oracle Jdeveloper IDE to support BPM application development
  • Supports BPMN 2.0
  • Provides simulation capabilities so you can watch  a process execute before you deploy it.
Process Composer:
  • Web browser -based subset of BPM Studio capabilities
  • Aimed at business users that participate with process analysts in the modeling process
  • Provides simulations and process playing
  • Process templates can be created in BPM studio and then populated using Process Composer.
Process Spaces:
  • Browser-based,collaborative workspace
  • Built a top Web Center Portal Spaces product
  • Provides documents sharing,discussions,wikis,lists,links,tagging and instant messaging.
PAM(Process Asset Manager) :
  • PAM-Process Asset Manager
  • Acts as a design -time repository
  • Stores business process catalog where key BPM artifacts are stored
  • Allows sharing between BPM Studio and Business Process Composer users.
  • Metadata Service Repository
  • Acts as a run-time repository vs. PAM’S role as a design time repository.
Business Process Workspace :
  • Browser -based,task management environment
  • Allows users to perform human tasks that have been modeled in BPM applications
  • Delivers the UI to the users
  • Provides task in-box,process tracking and performance dashboards.
Enterprise Manager:
  • Browser -based run-time management console shared across all Fusion Middleware
  • Enables system administrators to control and manage application running in the BPM run time
  • Allows business administrators to manage process instances.

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