Oracle Demantra – Is it an Analytical Engine ???

Oracle Demantra:

It is an analytical engine, used for forecasting the analytical reports for business purpose. Demantra is a process from Demand Management to Trade planning. Oracle Demantra Demand Management provides access to your historical sales data, returns, and other reference data organized into multiple hierarchies that reflect the needs of your organization.

The Oracle Demantra Demand Management solution helps you maximize profitability and enables you to better sense, shape and respond to demand with a single, precise forecast. A consensus plan built from this superior forecast aligns your organization across departments and users enabling you to be more demand-driven. Built-in analytics and adaptable business process automation capabilities enable a wide range of day-to-day decision making with real-time demand intelligence that ensures your plans are based on the most accurate, forward forecasts without the need of statistical knowledge. The result is a demand-driven organization with higher service levels and sales, more satisfied customers, and lower inventory and distribution costs.

Demantra Modules:Demantra Demand Management includes 4 modules as fallows:

  • Demand Management
  • Advanced Trade Planning and Demand Management
  • Sales and Operation Planning
  • Predictive Trade Planning

Demantra Architecture Process:
Demand Management is an iterative process, that typically takes place in the weekly, biweekly or monthly cycles. This
Process includes:

  • Collecting the appropriate data from an ERP or other system of record.
  • Downloading the appropriate data to the Demantra database.
  • Generating a forecast and then sending a notification to demand analysts.
  • Demand analysts work with the forecast and making any corrections or adjustment.
  • Demand manager or designated forecast owner approves the forecast.
  • The approved forecast is uploaded to your ERP system.

Functional Overview:


Key Benefits of Demantra:

  • Sense demand real-time: Oracle Demantra Demand Management enables you to sense demand from multiple data sources including shipment and order history, distribution center withdrawals, customer collaboration, point-of-sales, and marketing data. By maintaining data at the lowest level, Demand Management provides accurate demand visibility and generates more accurate forward-looking forecasts using the unique characteristics of the specific demand stream.
  • Improve forecast accuracy:In Demantra the forecast engine automatically combines different forecast models in the same time series. This produces a forecast that accommodates seasonality, promotions, trends, and other causal factors. Self-learning and self-adapting algorithms combine the different models to maximize predictive accuracy (rather than historic fit) and to respond to changing market conditions.
  • Shape demand for profitability: Oracle Demantra Demand Management enables you to move beyond sensing and reacting to demand to proactively shaping and managing your demand for profitability.
  • Evolve to real-time sales and operations planning: Oracle Real-Time Sales and Operations Planning integrates with Oracle® Demantra Demand Management and enables an easy evolution to real time sales and operations planning. It provides seeded templates, measures, worksheets, and workflows to provide a representative best practice process as a starting point
  • Incremental deployment – get benefits quickly without the loss of integration

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