Oracle Purchasing – Approval Hierarchies and their setup

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Purchasing setup of approval hierarchies

There are two most commonly known methods to route documents for approval.

  1. Approval Hierarchies (uses position hierarchies)
  2. Employee/Supervisor Relationships (use employee/supervisor relationship)
  • Third method of Advanced Approval Support for Requisitions (Release 12 use integration with Oracle Approvals Management) .
  1. Position Hierarchies

Position Hierarchies have a position relationship.

Purchasing utilizes positions as a roadmap to determine how and where documents will be routed once the approval process has been initiated.

Once all positions have been created, it is necessary to build the position hierarchy.

Each position has approval limits, so when a PO exceeds the limits of the position, thePO is forwarded onto the next position in the Hierarchy.

The hierarchy for positions is defined on the Position Hierarchy form.

When this is complete or is changed, the Fill Employee Hierarchy concurrent program must be run for the new hierarchy to come into effect.

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