Oracle – Inventory Standard Reports List

Oracle Apps Techno-Functional Consultant

ABC Assignments Report
ABC Descending Value Report
Account Alias Listing
Activity Summary(USD)
All Inventories Value Report – Average Costing
All Inventories Value Report
Cost Comparison Report by Activity
Cost Group Account Value Report – Warehouse Management
Cross-Reference Items Listing
Customer Item Commodity Codes Listing
Customer Item Cross References Report
Customer Items Report
Cycle Count Entries and Adjustments Report
Cycle Count Entries Interface
Cycle Count Hit/Miss Analysis
Cycle Count Listing
Cycle Count Open Requests Listing
Cycle Counts Pending Approval Report
Cycle Count Schedule Requests Report
Cycle Count Unscheduled Items
Delete Item Information Report
Detailed Cost Report By Element and Sub-Element
Dispatch Movement Statistics Detail
Elemental Cost Report
Elemental Inventory Value Report
Elemental Inventory Value Report- Warehouse Management
Expected Receipts Report
Expired Lots Report
Forecast Comparison Report
Forecast Detail Report
Forecast Rule Listing
Freight Carrier Listing
Inactive Items Report
Inter-Organization Shipping Information Listing
Intransit Value Report
Inventory Charges and Product Usage Report

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