Oracle ASCP – In a nutshell

Oracle Apps Techno-Functional Consultant

Oracle ASCP (Advanced Supply Chain Planning) is part of Oracle Advance Planning suite.

The Oracle Advanced Planning suite includes:

• Oracle ASCP – ASCP
• Oracle Collaborative Planning – CP
• Oracle Demand Planning – DP
• Oracle Global Order Promising – GOP
• Oracle Inventory Optimization – IO
• Oracle Manufacturing Scheduling – MS
• Oracle Production Scheduling
• Oracle Strategic Network Optimization

Oracle Advanced Planning Suite has a component architecture that separates the transaction data and associated processing (for example, inventory receipts and order entry) in a source instance from the planning calculations done in a destination instance. This allows planning calculations to be done on a different physical machine than the machine that performs transactions and results in better system response. Italso allows planning calculations (demand planning, inventory planning, supply planning and order promising) to be applied simultaneously to information from across multiple source instances, which is…

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