Business Driven Design of “off the shelf” projects still makes sense but

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Despite the obvious benefit to designing project plans to be “business driven design” with regard to “off the shelf” software implementations, there is little or no progress in big consulting firm methodologies.  Still status quo

Clients still rely on new buzz words and staff augmentation without regard to their own internal knowledge development.  They buy a car and let someone else drive it.

What is wrong with corporate America?  If you can’t implement software successfully then what do you actually do in IT?  Are you just an extension of HR or Purchasing?

Business driven design methodologies work in an environment of companies where business process owners actually know what their business is, how their business operations work, and why they do business a certain way.  But that can be a problem as well.  The most enthusiastic business people are typically left out of the implementations because they are busy doing…

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