Advance Supply Chain Planning !

Advanced Supply Chain Planning – Oracle ASCP


Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP) enables you to run holistic plans that range from long term aggregate planning to short term detailed schedules. Planning for multiple manufacturing processes are supported including lot based items, process manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, configure-to-order items, and project based manufacturing. ASCP can cover all organizations across the virtual supply chain. ASCP provides a single solution for distribution activities, for manufacturing activities, and for all other supply chain activities. ASCP planning is based on one supply chain model, one planning engine, and one setup. The configurability of ASCP enables users to define different planning models that can co-exist and evolve as your organization grows. Reimplementation is not required. Extensive defaulting logic, paired with a productivity enhancing user interface and strong exception management enables planners to quickly use the tool to make planning decisions.

ASCP: No Longer a Black Box
For some users ASCP has been considered to be a black box where planning magic happens. Occasionally requirements that are simple in nature are not met because the understanding of the flow of data through the black box is limited. The following diagram illustrates a very high level flow of Demand Supply Allocation within Advanced Supply Chain Planning.


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