BrightStar help design, build and implement custom solutions to meet your needs.

bs Despite best efforts, companies sometimes find that there is no off the shelf software solution to meet some of their requirements. The BrightStar Enterprise technical team is world class and can design, build and implement custom solutions to meet your needs.
It is our first principle is to leverage the Out of the box solution. While transitioning from legacy systems, the user will frequently demand old processes and UI features. Our functional consultants are trained to handle that showing alternate ways to achieve the same function. They may even Personalize the User interface without any technical intervention.

However in large implementations we encounter the need for RICE (Reports, Integration, Customizations and Extensions) objects.

  • We are skilled in Customizing existing Reports as well as building new ones from scratch using a variety of technologies like BI Publisher, Oracle Reports, Discoverer, BI Answers.
  • Our Integration expertise scales in the following areas:
    • For limited Integration we leverage the Oracle out of the box solutions like BI Publisher eText for outbound, and Custom Concurrent programs for inbound.
    • For medium sized Integration and in cases where SOA/BPEL is not a part of the footprint we leverage the BrightStar Interface Framework. This framework can handle inbound and outbound processing of simple or hierarchical files in plain text or XML format.
    • For Integration to Standard and Oracle Edge Applications we implement the standard adapters (Agile PIP, Salesforce, Siebel, etc). We are also adept in creating Custom Integration using the Oracle SOA/BPEL suite when there is no standard PIP available or licensed.
  • On occasions we do extend a module in the standard application suite. While extending, design code will be impervious to patches and upgrades.

Why BrightStar?

  • BrightStar Enterprise Consulting has specialized in Oracle Application Solutions and leveraged industry experience to provide mission-critical business solutions to small and medium sized enterprises.

Please mail us at to get in touch with us. Thank you. bs-erp soln2


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