Oracle’s ERP Cloud is a complete and integrated ERP


Oracle’s ERP Cloud is a complete and integrated ERP management solution that sets the foundation for good governance while helping today’s fast-growing organizations make better decisions, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Oracle ERP Cloud, a component of the Oracle Cloud Applications suite, offering information access with native, real-time intelligence that is personalized for every user. Oracle ERP Cloud offers real-time transactional business intelligence with easy access from anywhere with a web browser or mobile device.

Oracle and the Cloud

Companies make the decision as to their choice of Infrastructure – do they keep all hardware and software in-house or do they consider hybrid and hosted models? With Oracle Applications, all flavors are possible. The Oracle ERP Cloud makes the initial costs significantly less than an in-house model, as well as offering reduced risk. The burden on the IT department is reduced; support of the solution is handled by Oracle, resulting in reduced implementation time-frames and thus lower cost.

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