BrightStar – Post Go Live services

BrightStar Oracle Support Practices
‘Get Proactive and Maximize the Value of Your
Oracle Investment today!’

Post Go Live services come in a variety of models, from Managed Services to occasional help.

As with many long term relationships, there are phases that define themselves from the high level view. Once the processes of business process mapping and user education are past, the testing is completed, the Oracle Applications chosen become the incumbent.

From this point forward, the kind of support that management, IT, and users look for is more contextual, often situational, and can be the scenarios that escape prior notice. It might be reports that provide that extra visibility, or the new acquisition, or the latest EU changes instituted.

In a perfect world, users and IT would be able to reach out to a virtual genie and have their wishes granted. In this vein, BrightStar consulting has created the Support Services group. Your team can receive the level of support that your organization defines, from total onsite resources to virtual, around the clock teams.

As an Oracle Application Support customer, your organization will have access to a wealth of powerful tools, resources, and knowledge which can help you manage your applications and technology more proactively to achieve greater business success. Now with Oracle Support’s “Get Proactive!” initiative, understanding and implementing current best practices has never been easier.

Why BrightStar Enterprise Consulting?
BrightStar has extensive experience in Oracle enterprise applications and related technology domain. We work with your company to identify needs, develop a strategic plan of action, and drive implementation to a timely, affordable and satisfying result. BrightStar’s goal is to deliver technology solutions that make it easier for your business to succeed. Kindly contact us with your offshore support needs at and we would be happy revert with the best and most economical quote for the services.


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