BrightStar Oracle Application Support Services


BrightStar Oracle Support Services are designed to provide our customers with responsive and comprehensive Oracle Enterprise Applications support.

All companies need a cost-effective way of ensuring that their Oracle Applications, including E-Business Suite, Oracle Fusion Financials, Demantra, and Hyperion system run smoothly. BrightStar’s Support Services provide a company with all of the services needed to ensure a reliable and responsive system. Sometimes, it may be user questions as to How-to-do something, or why something occurred. A friendly, knowledgeable person at the Help Desk can walk them through the necessary steps to continue work. BrightStar will do this at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time Applications functional or technical staff.

The BrightStar Oracle Help Desk

BrightStar has recognized that there is a need for ongoing Support Services. It could be due to new users, changes in business processes, acquisitions, regulatory changes, or just a How-to question. This may occur in the US or with users anywhere in the world. For this reason, BrightStar provides support from both the Europe and India. Whether your need is for reports to be developed, help tie out year-end financials, or just answer questions, we are there to support your team.

Utilizing a ticketing system, a customer can enter their requirement and/or data via email and get an answer the same way. Or, if time is of the essence, there is telephone access. The flexible approach allows both teams to track their progress and avoid the “black hole” that can occur.

BrightStar Enterprise Consulting has the best of both worlds when it comes to services provided out of India. Based in Pune, India and Bucharest, Romania, the BrightStar office provides extended services to EU, MEA, APAC and US based organizations. With a significant time difference, after hours work becomes easier to provide, including DBA support, development, and Help Desk tasks. While many companies have had less than stellar experiences with off shore work, BrightStar has mitigated the risk by having its own employees, well versed in the BrightStar methodology and wholly accountable to the BrightStar management team. This allows BrightStar to deliver the high quality of work.

BrightStar education division “EduOra” provides advance Oracle Enterprise Curses + full Oracle University education in India so employees can enjoy the same level of training, continuing education, and access to all support required at a very economical cost.

BrightStar Managed Services. What’s in it for me?

  • Immediate annual costs savings.
  • Zero employee downtime.
  • No breaks, no holidays, no staff shortages or new recruitment fees to worry about.
  • Better performing systems.
  • Proactive database management from reliason concentrating on prevention not cure.
  • More experience than a single DBA can offer.
  • Fixed costs, lower risks and rapid results!

Choose BrightStar Oracle Consulting for faster adoption and return on investment across Oracle solutions — from applications and technology solutions to systems.Contact us at or visit our business page to know more about our services.

For Corporate or Customized Training needs, contact EduOra at “”


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