We help you in building CXO Dashboards, Reports and Analytical solutions

bs ser

BrightStar’s Reporting and Analytic’s solution for global organizations.

Successful performance management requires real-time access to insightful and actionable information. Information delivery must support the regular production reporting cycles of the institution as well as adhoc requests that arise. This requires a system that’s owned by finance – not IT.

With its familiar Microsoft® Excel® interface, our solution makes it easy for decision makers to analyze all areas of the organization. The result is one version of the truth that transforms information into insight – and significantly lowers total cost of ownership.

Non-technical business users can:

  • Support a full spectrum of reporting needs from formalized periodic financial statements to “in the moment” adhoc analysis
  • Be up and running in days by migrating existing Excel reports
  • Enable your non-technical end users to perform adhoc analysis using the drag & drop web-based Data Explorer
  • Communicate results, trends and analysis to the board and other organizational stakeholders by embedding reports and dashboards within PowerPoint presentations
  • Develop business rules and report designs with minimal effort—no complex scripting or SQL skills required
  • Pinpoint connections between operating metrics and financial outcomes using drill down, drill through, ranking, data visualizations and dashboards
  • Create and publish complex report books such as board packages, regulatory packages and quarterly financial packages using report book automation and distribution processes
  • Integrate data from virtually any source (e.g., general ledger, accounts payable, customer systems, etc.) for a comprehensive view of institutional performance

Contact BrightStar Enterprise Application consulting team at info@bslion.in or visit our business page at wwww.bslion.in to know more about us and our other services.


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