Strategy Management

Imagine if executing your institution’s strategy actually improved financial outcomes. It’s doable using BrightStar’s  Strategy Management solution, which uses Oracle EPM technology. Strategy definition and execution is the means by which the institution achieves its goals and objectives. Managing it requires that stakeholders create strategic plans, develop and track key performance indicators (KPIs), direct institution-wide initiatives and define school and/or unit scorecards. When done effectively, performance across the institution improves. Often the gap between strategy definition and execution can be quite wide. BrightStars’ EPM Strategy Management solution helps close the gap. With it, highered finance teams can:

  • Capture the goals and initiatives needed to advance their organization’s strategy
  • Build a long-range plan that considers both operational and financial drivers
  • Create scorecards and strategy maps that reflect the strategy’s key elements
  • Define, evaluate and select key strategic initiatives
  • Define, capture, calculate and publish KPIs and metrics
  • Align and engage employees around the strategy
  • Course correct as market conditions change

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