Can Scorecards empower the employees to make their own decisions!


Oracle EPM EPM Scorecards solution helps to take Strategy Management solution to the next level by visually benchmarking a company defined goals, strategies and tactics against performance.

With Scorecards, employees are empowered to make their own decisions based on the progress of the company goals. This gives everyone visibility into how their activities and decisions impact the overarching strategy and enable real-time adjustments to improve performance.

Scorecards enable finance teams to:

  • Link incentive systems to strategy so goals at all levels are in direct alignment with the company’s overarching goals
  • Identify KPIs that drive success based on all areas that are important to the functions of the company
  • Provide employees with the information required to make an informative decision, the incentives to make the correct decision, and the authority to act
  • Map objectives to initiatives to achieve goals and combine them with new initiatives to increase effectiveness
  • Monitor and benchmark performance
  • Automate the strategy management process
  • Clearly and effectively communicate strategy and success measures
  • Create alignment between the budgeting process and the strategic goals
  • Track and report on KPIs at the individual, administrative or unit level
  • Set up alerts to notify parties when certain conditions exist

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