BrightStar EPM Strategic Planning Services


Even if your company has defined the goals and initiatives needed to drive enterprise performance, you may lack a disciplined process to translate those into supporting strategies and associated tactics.

Strategy Management solution for companies help define and track goals, strategies and tactics by enabling finance teams to:

  • Define, model and track strategic initiatives through time, focusing on the financial and operational impacts
  • Create a comprehensive multi-year plan inclusive of financial and operational data including corporate targets
  • Develop and track key performance indicators (KPIs) and target metrics
  • Create scorecards for stakeholders with the ability to report on progress towards strategic goals during the year
  • Collaborate, track and comment on progress against strategic goals and initiatives
  • Communicate strategy down to the operational areas necessary for budgeting, reporting, operational scorecards and reports
  • Generate a comprehensive view of organizational performance using data from disparate and unstructured sources if necessary (e.g., the number of employees who have completed a training program)
  • Replace error-prone, stand-alone spreadsheets with an enterprise system designed to handle large volumes of data and hundreds of users

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