Oracle Profitability & Cost Management Solution


Imagine knowing what’s creating or eroding profitability. With BrightStar’s Oracle EPM Profitability Management solution, you’ll have a clear picture.

In today’s uncertain economic climate, businesses must have a clear picture of how customers, products, locations and channels are contributing. Surprisingly, many organizations lack clarity with regards to profit contributions coming from various segments of their business.

Oracle EPM’s Profitability Management solution provides visibility into what’s truly creating or eroding profitability.

The system’s highly configurable data model allows executives to:

  • Construct full P&Ls for whatever profitability segment you choose
  • Optimize performance by analyzing and monitoring key volume, cost and profitability trends across business lines
  • Perform clear and defensible costing algorithms at even the most granular levels of your business
  • Leverage operational and financial data sources to get the complete picture
  • Apply activity based costing or more simple allocation approaches to ascribing costs to products, customers, profit centers
  • Generate actionable profitability reports that analyze volumes, costs and profitability measures across any dimension and drill into the details immediately
  • Use Oracle EPM profitability data in the planning or incentive compensation management process supported by the platform


Contact our BrightStar EPM Customer Support Team at to know more about our Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Solutions and Services! Thank you.


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